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5 Ways to Have A Fairytale Wedding On A Limited Budget


In today's economy everyone has a limited budget, but there are ways to still have your fairytale wedding on a limited budget. Below are five ways to get you closer to your fairytale wedding and not exceed your budget.

1. CHOOSE YOUR WEDDING DATE WISELY: When setting your wedding date the time and date can save you thousands of dollars. The most expensive time of the year to have a wedding is April through October. If possible when setting your date consider doing it November through April. The other thing that can save you a ton of money is the day of week and time in which you have your wedding. Saturday evening weddings are the most expensive. If you want to save money book a Friday evening or Sunday evening ceremony and reception. If you want to save a little more money do a middle of the week wedding or an afternoon wedding.

2. EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE: When choosing your vendors don't feel as if you need to accept the first price they give you. Be open and honest with your vendors and let them know what your budget is up front. Most vendors are willing to work with you and within your budget. They understand budgets and if they can't meet your budget they will let you know in the beginning and you will know to continue with your vendor search. Ask questions your vendors about their pricing and if it is over what you want to spend ask them if there are alternatives that can help you stay on budget.

3. HIRE A WEDDING COORDINATOR: Many couples look at a coordinator as an extra expense and a luxury. Wedding coordinators have special relationships with vendors and can get you great deals. Coordinators can also save you stress, put out fires on your wedding day, and generally give you peace of mind. You can hire them for a day, for 10 hours, or for the whole event. They can negotiate contracts, keep you on task, and help you know what to ask when speaking to vendors.

4. FLOWERS ON A BUDGET: When picking your flowers try and choose flowers that are in season. Work with your florist to see if they can make your ceremony arrangements also double as some of your table centerpieces. Make sure to research your florist sometimes the largest florist in town is not necessarily the cheapest. Look into some of the smaller florists. Many times they can give you more bang for your buck.

5. FINDING A DRESS: When looking for a dress don't let the price intimidate you. There are tons of ways to get your dream dress on a limited budget. Ask the store in which you have found your dress if they have sample sales. Sample sale dresses are when a store or designer decides to sell their dresses that people try on. These dresses are typically lightly worn and will need to be cleaned but you could get a $4,000 dress for $800. Also look for trunk sales and look for dresses that may be an older model from a previous season. Look everywhere and research all your options to find your dream dress.

Having a dream wedding on a budget is within your reach!

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:42 pm
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