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8 Bizarre Wedding Cakes


Brides all over the world want their weddings to be unique and go to great lengths to stand out.  From over the top designs to wearable wedding cake couture, here are some incredibly crazy cakes that definitely do more than just turn some heads.


  1. In 2006, Ukrainian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano took his art to another level: he told his bride to be that he would make her wedding dress… out of 1500 cream puffs!  After two months of grueling work, the sugary dress weighed about 20 pounds, not including the caramelized sugar crown and jewelry the bride also donned.  It’s no surprise she didn’t want to take it off – who needs to when you’re already wearing dessert?

  2. Over in Texas in early 2008, Chidi Ogbuta fulfilled her childhood dream of having her very own life-sized doll… in the form of her wedding cake!  Taking about a week to complete, the cake stood tall with over six tiers modeling just the skirt of the replica wedding dress.  The likeness of the cake was so impeccable, covering the details of her ornate gown, chic up-do, and even the veil and bouquet!

  3. A grown woman’s dream may be a closet full of designer shoes, so it’s no surprise that Sharon King of New York made that fantasy a reality.  Stacks and stacks of replicated Manolo and Ferragamo boxes created the base of the $3,000 cake, and the baker topped it off with a pair of cherry red Manolo slingbacks (the bride’s favorite pair).  The bride’s face wasn’t the only thing beaming – next to the Manolo cake topper was a dollar sign, created from edible 24-karat gold and sugar diamonds.  Talk about treasuring every bite!

  4. Theme weddings can allow you to get really creative with your cake, even if it brings you to the darker side.  Taking queues from the movies Corpse Bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas, some brides have indulged their Tim Burton fantasies using quirky details and lopsided tiers.  Dark and eerie color palettes take hold while Jack Skellington and his bride may nest on the top tier, under the moon.

  5. Some films may be dark yet still whimsical enough for wedding themes, while others are just sick and twisted.  One bride took things to another level with her Carrie cake – a Carrie White look-alike doll dressed up as a bride with an edible domed skirt and a bouquet of flowers in hand, drenched in what looks like blood.  The real clincher?  A hand-written sign saying “They’re all gonna laugh at you….”

  6. Speaking of blood, some brides and grooms like to poke fun at their bickering sides with special gun lovers cake toppers.  One couple had their cake split in the middle, with the bride and groom playfully aiming guns at each other.  Some cakes take a morbid turn with the bride claiming the top tier with a bloody trail leading to the bottom of the cake where the groom figurine lies in a pool of red.  Hopefully this isn’t a foreshadowing of their marriage.

  7. Who says wedding cakes actually have to be made out of cake?  Some couples have celebrated their love of seafood with tiers of sashimi – raw salmon, tuna, hamachi, you name it.  Want to be more classy?  One couple built their tower using boiled lobsters!  Now that’s one tasty dessert.

  8. Sometimes the bizarre isn’t always the center of attention.  Many couples choose to have a traditional wedding cake, but let their imaginations run wild with the groom’s cake.  Cheeseburgers, video game systems, Nintendo’s Mario palaces, and a car engine are only a few of the many ways grooms like to express themselves in the form of culinary delights.

Photo by Angelica Glass


Last Updated: September 10, 2013 at 9:38 pm
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