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Bathroom Baskets


Bathroom baskets are not necessarily an essential part of wedding planning, but they're definitely a nice touch that your wedding guests will appreciate and remember. Little details like these can be a big convenience to those attending your special day and they'll love the fact that you were considerate enough to really think of everything - bathroom baskets also make useful additions to your wedding décor. 

What are Bathroom Baskets

At some point during the ceremony or the reception, most of your guests will eventually visit the bathrooms.  They've sat; they've traveled; they've ate, drank, and even danced - now, whether they have a headache or a broken nail, they're in need of something that they didn't think to bring along.  Bathroom baskets are designed specifically for these moments.

How to Make a Bathroom Basket

Assembling a couple of these baskets for each bathroom at the wedding site is a fun and easy task for a friend or family member with a desire to lend a hand.  Start with a pretty basket in an intriguing shape and add ribbons, bows, and other embellishments using your wedding colors. 

In the women's bathroom basket, include:

  • Hair accessories - bobby pins, hairspray, brush, comb;

  • Sanitary napkins, tampons, and personal cleansing wipes;

  • Aspirin, Midol, bandages, antibacterial cream, antacids, and similar necessities;

  • Dental floss, mouthwash, gum, and breath mints;

  • Stain sticks, lint brush, clear nail polish, and a small sewing kit;

  • Contact lens solution and eye drops;

  • Cotton swabs, tissues;

  • And cosmetic must haves like perfume, hand lotion, nail files, and nail glue.

The basket in the men's bathroom will be very similar with convenient quick fixes for any problems that may arise.   Travel size products and samples are ideal for bathroom baskets.

Pre-Made Baskets

If all those other little wedding details are tying up your time, a variety of ready-made bathroom baskets are available to rescue you. Check with bridal and wedding supply shops in your area; many carry a selection of pre-made baskets and some will also accept custom orders.   You can also find a variety of websites offering unique bathroom baskets.

Whether you make your own or buy something already put together, bathroom baskets are a quick and simple way to make sure your guests are comfortable and cared for.  Bathroom baskets aren't required and are usually not even expected, but they add a very personal touch to any wedding.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:32 pm
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