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Brides Secret Slimwear


You've chosen the breathtaking wedding gown, found shoes that complement it perfectly and selected just the right amount of sparkling jewelry.  The only question left is, "What will you wear under your dress?"  If you aren't quite happy with all of your womanly curves, you can take advantage of bride's secret slimwear!  These are the items we use to mold our bodies into the perfect combination of flat surfaces and sexy curves - and it all hides right under your wedding dress.

Could You Use a Boost?

Women who are petite or smaller ‘up top' may have a difficult time just throwing the wedding dress on and having ample, sexy cleavage.  However, with just the right bride's secret slimwear, you can create that beautiful and sexy look you want.  A bustier is a great way to flatten your midsection and create cleavage.  It's important to get the right kind for your wedding dress, though. 

If you're wearing a form-fitting wedding dress or one that clings nicely to your curves, you will want to get a seamless bustier.  This kind will hide perfectly under your dress with no tell-tale lines or marks.  This is especially helpful if your dress is satin or another thin, flowing material.

Lower Belly, Thighs and Butt -

Again, for a flowing and form-fitting dress, it's important that you look your best underneath!  If you don't have those perfect Julia Robert's legs or J-Lo butt, choose a pair of spandex or supportive undergarment shorts.  This bride's secret slimwear will make your lower belly, thighs and butt appear more toned and thinner.

Choosing the Perfect Bride's Secret Slimwear -

The undergarments you wear should fit nicely with your dress.  You don't want any of those secrets slipping out on your way down the aisle, so it's important to choose the perfect slimwear.  An expert can really help out in this situation.  Visit your favorite lingerie boutique to get fitted for your bride's secret slimwear.  Of course, you will need to take your wedding dress with you in order to choose the right undergarments.

Many wedding dress boutiques will have accessories such as slimwear and supportive undergarments, so ask about those while you're being fitted for the dress and accomplish two things at once.

If you don't feel 100% confident with the way your body will look under the dress, take advantage of bride's secret slimwear to instantly tone, slim and flatten!     

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:06 pm
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