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Christmas Wedding Ideas


Christmas is such a beautiful time of year; homes are glowing with decorations and Christmas trees, people are in a generous and sentimental mood and jolly songs fill the air.  It's a special and gorgeous time of year to hold a wedding.  Below you will find some Christmas wedding ideas to consider for your big day.

Christmas Wedding Ideas for Location -

 You may have already chosen your Christmas wedding location, or you may still be brainstorming.  If you're not sure, there are a few places that seem destined for a glistening Christmas wedding.  Your church or a local church you think is beautiful is a great place to hold your Christmas wedding.  If you'd rather be less traditional, consider a ballroom at an upscale hotel, a dance hall or bed and breakfast.  Since this time of year is frosty and cold, you will want to have the wedding indoors. 

Tip: One of the greatest Christmas wedding ideas is to hold the ceremony in a church - you will likely save on decorations because the church will probably already be decorated for Christmas!

Christmas Wedding Ideas for Decoration -

There are a lot of options for Christmas wedding décor, and you will probably have a lot of fun deciding what to use.  You can still select your own wedding colors and incorporate them into your wedding décor.  For instance, white and ice-blue are perfect wedding colors for a Christmas wedding.  You can use snowflakes, glistening ornaments and blue poinsettias for decorations.

Burgundy and cream is another perfect color palette for a Christmas wedding.  Consider using tiny Christmas trees as centerpieces, and your bouquet could contain small shoots of evergreen branches.  Bridesmaid dresses in burgundy are gorgeous, while the groomsmen can wear white tuxedos and burgundy vests or ties.  The options really are limitless, so don't be bound by the traditional Christmas décor.

Date of the Wedding -

Although you will be having a Christmas wedding, some time should be spent considering the actual date.  Obviously, most individuals want to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with their families and may not make it to the ceremony.  Consider holding the wedding a few weeks before Christmas to ensure that your guests will be able to make it. 

Christmas is a lovely time of year to hold a wedding.  Using these Christmas wedding ideas, you can create a breathtaking wedding and memories that you will cherish always.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:25 am
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