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Dallas Wedding Cakes


Texas has its own flavor - part southern, part western, very independent. That unique spirit works its way into every part of life there, and wedding cakes are no exception. We talked to Robin Bupp of Simply Cakes in Colleyville, TX to gain some local insight into the trends and tastes that make Dallas-area brides and their wedding cakes preferences so special. 


Dallas Wedding Cakes - Make it Fancy

There's no question that weddings are social events, and in "The Big D" it's all about glamour, sparkle and bling - the more, the merrier. The modest need not apply. Dallas brides, generally, aren't fans of simple cake designs. They like ornate, complex cake treatments, and are often inspired by high-end celebrity weddings.

Dallas Wedding Cakes - The Texas Heat

Getting married in Dallas means understanding how the summer heat can affect your cake choices. Dallas has been known to have over 40 consecutive days of triple-digit heat during the summer months. That kind of heat and humidity can wreck havoc on frosting during the walk from the van to the venue! Robin points add that during the worst days of summer they restrict the use of certain trim colors like black and red because they weep in the heat and transfer into the base icing.

Dallas Wedding Cakes - Popular Flavors

The most popular wedding cake flavor in Dallas is Red Velvet. This moist, rich cake seems to please all with its taste (somewhere between chocolate and vanilla), its icing (cream cheese or buttercheese) and its unique color (originally a chemical reaction between the vinegar, buttermilk, and cocoa). Another popular choice is the Italian Crème cake.

Other popular cake trends in the Dallas area include:

"    Crushed Sugar Applications on the Sides of Cake
"    Jewel Flowers as Cake Toppers
"    The Use of Satin Fondant Swags
"    Satin Finish Icing Treatment
"    Real Ribbon Edge Trim
"    Hand Made Sugar Flowers


Dallas Wedding Cakes - The Groom's Cake

An important southern tradition is a "must-have" for Dallas receptions - The Groom's Cake. Served right along the larger and more elaborate bride's cake, the groom's cake is usually chocolate, or a whimsical cake that features the interests of the groom.

Dallas is the kind of town where you "go big, or go home," so, when considering your cake options don't be afraid to be elaborate and presentation-minded - your guest will expect nothing less. With all the football superstars, country music stars and ex-presidents living in the Dallas area, you never know exactly who is going to be in attendance.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:46 pm
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