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DIY Centerpieces for the Wedding


Your centerpieces will be the main attraction of your tables and will help to tie your overall reception décor together.  If you want to save some of the wedding budget by using DIY centerpieces or you're just a crafty individual and enjoy making beautiful things - it can be really fun to make your own centerpieces.  Here are some great DIY centerpiece ideas, tips and suggestions that you can use for your wedding planning.

Simple DIY Centerpieces -

If you want to keep your centerpieces simple and elegant, there are many different options.  Start by asking yourself whether you want to use flowers or something a little less traditional.  If you definitely want flowers, try a centerpiece with a single flower rather than a bouquet or arrangement.  A small glass container with a large, single bud can be very elegant and beautiful.  To dress it up some, add berries, sticks or greenery.

If you'd rather have something a little more elaborate but still simple, combine candles and items related to your wedding theme to create gorgeous DIY centerpieces.  Start with a tall glass container and fill it with decorative items - seashells, fruit or glass marbles will work fine.  Then, fill the container with water and place a floating candle at the top!

Seasonal DIY Centerpieces -

Creating centerpieces for your seasonal wedding can be really fun and easy.  For an autumn wedding, find decorative gourds and cut the tops off.  Of course, you will need to scrape the gooey centers out as well.  Then, add a candle for a romantic and creative look.  You can combine this with natural items such as acorns, pine cones or fall leaves.

To create seasonal DIY centerpieces, use natural items which are easy to find.  Not only will this save you some money, but the end result can be very charming and whimsical.  For spring and summer, think wildflowers, herbs, greenery and even faux birds' nests.  For a winter-themed wedding, try evergreen branches, berries or mistletoe.  It can be a lot of fun to find seasonal centerpiece items and create a beautiful final look.

Unique DIY Centerpieces -

If you'd like to have centerpieces that are unique but still easy to create, use your imagination.  Why not have centerpieces that are alive and interesting?  Place colorful betas or goldfish in glass bowls and add water plants to create a charming look.  Another option is to have elaborately carved fruit grace the center of your tables.  If you can find a talented fruit-carver, your cantaloupes can become amazingly detailed roses and watermelon can become a writhing dragon! 

Spend some time looking in bridal magazines or online to gain inspiration for your DIY centerpieces, then practice creating some of your own.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:48 pm
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