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DIY Favors for Your Wedding


Whether your guests have traveled hundreds of miles or just a few to attend your wedding and help you celebrate your special day, wedding favors are a charming way to show your gratitude. 

Some of these favors can get quite expensive, though - especially if you're planning a large wedding with many guests.  If you want to save some of your wedding budget, you can be very successful with DIY favors.  This is also a nice idea for the bride-to-be who enjoys craft-making.  Here are some things to consider when creating DIY favors for your wedding.

The Wedding Theme -

Spend a little time thinking about your wedding theme so you can effectively coordinate your wedding favors.  Even if you don't have an actual theme, but you're using a running theme for the décor, you can use that to help coordinate your favors.  There are DIY favor supplies available in just about every style, size and shape.  From beach-style supplies and tropical themed trinkets to hearts, tuxedos and gowns, butterflies and so much more - there is something available to suit your taste and style.  Use your wedding theme idea to choose tiny and elegant favor boxes or bags to place

What to Place inside Bags/Boxes -

Once you've chosen the ‘wrappings' for your favors, you will need to determine what sorts of gifts to place inside.  You can go completely DIY and create your own gifts or you can purchase the gifts to give and create the packaging, accessories, etc.  One creative idea for DIY favors is to select scented candles in one or more of your wedding colors.  Wrap the candles with coordinating organza, tie a matching ribbon at the top and slide this into your favor boxes or bags.  You may or may not want to include something extra, such as a miniature set of bubbles, a personalized key ring or measuring spoons.  Jordan almonds tied in organza with ribbon is an elegant and perfectly acceptable DIY favor.

Favor Placement -

When you've created your DIY favors and are getting everything ready for the wedding, you will want to consider how to give out your favors.  Will you place them on the table or have a designated helper to pass out favors as guests enter or leave the reception?  One thing you want to remember is that favors should not be placed on the plates of the guests, the seats of the chairs or in other places where guests may overlook them.  Placing favors on plates is unsanitary and may cause your guests to wonder who has been touching the favors before they were placed on the plates!  

Favors can be mementos for your guests to cherish, candy or treats for your guests to enjoy or other things you feel your guests would truly love.  Most of all, they are a perfect way to say, ‘thank you' for helping me celebrate my wedding day.

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Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:48 pm
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