Etiquette Guide: Addressing Envelopes


Whether you're addressing envelopes for your wedding invitations, save the date cards or thank you notes - you want to be sure that you've got it right.  While you may not want to hold to tradition exactly, this etiquette guide can point you in the right direction when addressing envelopes. 

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Envelope Name Etiquette

Whether it's a formal wedding or a beach-side soiree, it's important to address the guests by their proper names.  If you're not sure how this is done, use the handy guide below to help you.

For Unmarried Guests - if you're addressing envelopes to unmarried guests, men should be addressed as ‘Mr.' and women should be addressed as ‘Miss' or ‘Ms.'

Widowed Guests - for men who are widows, addressing them as ‘Mr.' is fine; women should be addressed as ‘Ms.'

Note: it can be easy to overlook this tiny detail while you're planning the wedding, but recently widowed guests should never receive an invitation that reads, ‘and guest.'

Married Couples - for married couples, it's fine to address them as ‘Mr. and Mrs. John Doe' unless they have a different last name.  In that case, you would address the envelope with both full names, such as: ‘Mr. John Doe and Mrs. Jane Smith.'

Professional Titles - for single men or women with professional titles, you should address them as, ‘Dr. John Doe or Dr. Jane Doe.'  For married couples where one has a professional name and the other does not, you would address them as so: ‘Dr. Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe.'  You can also use, ‘Dr. and Mrs. Jane Doe' if he carries the professional title.  If they both have a professional title, you can address the envelope as, ‘Dr. Jane Doe and Dr. John Doe,' or ‘The Doctors Doe.'

Officers - for military personnel, you would address the guest with his or her title.  For instance, ‘Colonel and Mrs. John Doe.'

Same Sex Couples - to properly address the envelope for a same sex couple, you simply use their full names, such as ‘Mr. John Doe and Mr. Bill Smith.'

Although it seems a bit confusing, it's important to ensure that the proper etiquette is observed while addressing envelopes to your wedding guests.  Keep this handy guide close and you will have no problems.   

Last Updated: April 22, 2014 at 12:24 pm
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