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Finding Interesting Things for Your Guests to Do


Inviting wedding guests from out of town is a common thing for most grooms and brides.  With families and friends spread throughout the country and even throughout the world, a wedding usually brings individuals from many places together to celebrate the love and union of two people.  If you'll be inviting guests from out of town, state or even country - it's important to find interesting things for your guests to do while they're present.

Helping with the Wedding -

Your guests will most likely want to spend some time with you and your soon-to-be groom away from the wedding and ceremony.  Since you'll be busy putting the finishing touches on your wedding plans, it can be difficult to get out and find fun activities you can do together.  However, finding interesting things for your guests to do which will help you out is a convenient and easy way to spend time with them. 

Your guests can help with simple tasks such as filling bags with birdseed for after the ceremony, helping bridesmaids and groomsmen dress for the event or something similar.  Chances are your guests will love being a part of creating the big day and you can sneak in some extra time with them.

The ‘Must-See' Places in Your Hometown -

Most towns have historic landmarks, unique traits or beautiful views that are considered ‘must-see.'  Create a list of these places in your hometown and make flyers for your guests.  Whether your town boasts a one-of-a-kind lighthouse, a famous square where unrehearsed performers entertain the crowds or a building right out of the pages of a history book - this is a creative way of finding interesting things for your guests to do.

You may want to include transportation information on the flyer, along with the best restaurants or cafés in your area.  If possible, you can even create a map incase your guests are driving or walking.  Your guests will appreciate the options you give them for entertainment and the fact that you thought about them.

Creating Family Activities -

Although this task may require the assistance of a friend or family member, creating family activities is a perfect way to find interesting things for your guests to do.  Most guests arrive a day or a few days before the wedding and will stay a day or two after.  Since you want to leave the arrival and departure day for your guests' preparation and rest, use other available days for family activities.

Schedule a family picnic at a scenic local park so your guests, family and friends can catch up on each other's lives and mingle.  Or, hold a brunch at a local restaurant so the family and guests can enjoy each other's company! 

There are many options for finding interesting things for your guests to do.  By keeping them entertained and happy - you can ensure that they are enjoying themselves the entire time they are present.   


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:35 pm
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