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Get a Bridal Facial to Look Your Best


Bridal facials are a great way to reveal the beautiful skin you possess and add to that excited, ‘blushing bride' glow.  While a bridal facial is not mandatory, it will help prepare your skin for the cosmetics and a long day!  If you're wondering whether to get a bridal facial or not, this helpful information may assist you in your decision!

Cleansing -

The first part of your facial will remove the dirt and oil from your skin, giving the specialist a clean and fresh face to work with.  A mild cleansing cream will be used and then the cream, dirt and oil will be rinsed from your skin.  This is just the prep work which will help the specialist prepare your skin for the actual facial.

Steaming and Extraction -

Next, your skin will be treated to a steam bath.  This process softens skin and opens your pores in order to make it easier for the specialist to remove the stuff you really don't want to think about which hides inside your pores.

After the skin has been thoroughly softened and the pores are open, the specialist will remove any impurities from your pores using a squeezing method - much like the method most women use at home in the privacy of their own bathrooms!

Second Cleansing and Toner -

Now that your pores have been ‘flushed out,' your specialist will once again cleanse your face - removing any dirt or oil the extraction may have left behind.  He or she will apply a toner to refresh your face and take away the tired and wedding-stress look.  This helps add to that beautiful glow that all brides-to-be have.

Mask -

After the toner, a mask will be applied to remove any other impurities and to help close the pores back after the extraction.  Depending upon your skin type, your specialist will most likely use a mask with a blend of herbs or oils, healing vitamins or something similar.  You may even luck up and get a facial massage during this part of the session.

Once the mask has been removed, your specialist may apply a moisturizer to your skin in order to hydrate it and keep it healthy.  That's it - you've received a relaxing and cleansing bridal facial that helps your skin look it's very best for your wedding day.

Important Tips -

If you've never received a facial before, you should probably get one done a week prior to the wedding rather than a few days.  If your specialist applies a product to your skin which causes an allergic reaction, you want to make sure it will be gone before the big day!  Also, it's important to apply sunscreen to your face after the facial since some of the chemicals used can cause hypersensitivity to sunlight and UV rays.

Last Updated: August 26, 2013 at 4:20 pm
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