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Help! My Parents Are Driving Me Crazy


Their little girl is getting married and now your parents are driving you crazy. Whether they're secretly sabotaging your every move or becoming more of a nuisance than a lifeline, you need to find a happy medium between listening to their concerns, accepting their help, and keeping your sanity. Hopefully, I can guide you towards addressing some of the most common issues that arise when parents start driving their engaged daughter crazy.

Snide Remarks About Your Fiancé

Unfortunately, some parents are not satisfied with your choice for a marital partner and will take any free moment to voice their concerns. Whether they believe you are too good for your fiancé or worry over his long nights at the job - constant snide remarks and hurtful comments can really put a drain on your energy and emotions. Many parents are just scared to lose a daughter and may exaggerate their concerns. Some parents will never see someone as good enough for their daughter. Whatever the case, it is important to explain to your parents that every time they talk badly about your fiancé, they are speaking badly about their daughter as well.

Too Critical

Do you feel like every little decision made about your wedding isn't good enough for Mom and Dad? They frown their face at your catering choice. They think carrot cake is too boring for a wedding. They're upset because you haven't invited every single cousin in the family tree. The criticisms may never end, but this is usually a tell-tale sign of wedding jitters. They're nervous about their little girl embarking on this new journey and they may not be handling it well. 

Something Borrowed

She may have mentioned it once or twice, but is your Mom driving you crazy because she insists on you wearing her old wedding gown? Yes, some mothers feel it's completely unnecessary to purchase a new dress when a perfectly decent ensemble has been preserved...waiting just for a daughter like you to wear. It might be hard to break the bad news, but explain to Mom that you would like to select your own dress, especially if you have already found one that fits you perfectly.

Be Honest

Sometimes, parents can drive engaged couples crazy with all of their well-intentioned meddling and constructive criticisms. I haven't met a parent yet that didn't have an opinion on the wedding favors, cake flavor, or theme of the wedding. Some parents are notorious for running right over a bride and making important decisions without consulting their daughter first. Before your parents drive you completely insane, be straightforward and honest about your feelings. Gently let them know that you appreciate their concern and help, but you'd like to take a more active role in the planning of your wedding.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:00 pm
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