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Help! The Groom is Acting Distant


A bride-to-be really goes through some tough times while planning her wedding.  It's exciting and fun but it can also be frustrating and difficult at times - whether you're dealing with an opinionated mother-in-law or hard to find accessories.  It can be especially difficult if you've noticed that the groom is acting distant lately.  There are a number of reasons why your soon-to-be husband seems far away and for the most part, they're nothing to worry about!

He's Got a Case of the Pre-Wedding Jitters -

One possibility is that your groom is feeling a little jittery.  This is a very normal feeling for most brides and grooms before their wedding.  If you think your groom is acting distant because he's a little nervous, one of the best things you can do is just allow the jitters to run their course, so to speak.  Feelings of nervousness and anxiety are normal and will usually settle on their own as things progress!  Let him know you're there if he needs anything and let him approach you on his own if he desires.

He Feels Left Out of the Planning -

In the middle of planning a wedding, the most important things on your mind are the perfect cake, the best gown and everything else it takes to make your day perfect.  It can be easy to neglect your fiancé at this time, and many brides find themselves doing so.  If you think your groom is acting distant because he's feeling left out of the wedding planning, consider different ways to involve him.

-Go together to the cake tastings so you can both decide on a cake you love.

-Get his opinion on things he will be interested in, such as the wedding music and first dance ideas.

-Ask him to write down some ideas he thinks will help to make the wedding beautiful and fun for the both of you.

By ensuring that your groom is part of the wedding planning, you can help him avoid those distant and neglected feelings.

He Just Needs a Day Off -

If your groom has been fairly active in the planning of your wedding and now you notice that he's been acting distant, chances are he needs a day off.  If he's feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, he may need to step back from the planning for at least a day and do something that is not wedding-related. 

Encourage him to go out with the guys, enjoy himself at home with a video game or a sports show or something else he really likes doing.  If your groom is feeling stressed out, you may be feeling stressed out as well.  While worrying about your fiancé, don't forget about yourself - the two of you may have a great time doing something together that doesn't involve wedding planning.

When the groom is acting distant, don't panic - chances are it's for a simple reason and a tiny bit of TLC will help him feel more like himself again.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:30 pm
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