Help Your MOH Plan Your Bridal Shower


About four to six weeks before your wedding, the time is drawing near for your bridal shower to take place. Usually, it is the duty of your maid of honor to host your bridal shower. She'll be scrambling to create a guest list and setting the date and time. She'll pick up the decorations and enlist the help of relatives to make sure everything is perfect.

However, you may want to take stress off her shoulders and make things a bit easier. This means giving her little hints here and there regarding the planning of your bridal shower. Consider the following:

Mention Must-Have Guests

Your maid of honor will send out invitations, place calls, email, and spread the word about your bridal shower. However, she may hit a brick wall when it comes to formulating a complete guest list. She doesn't know every single cousin or old school chum that you'd like to invite. She can't mind read the addresses of your guests either, which means you need to help out with the guest list and keep in mind the costs. Traditionally, the maid of honor foots the bill for this soiree, but if you're demanding all of your closest relatives and friends attend - you must assume responsibility for extra costs.

Make Your Size Clear

It is a known fact that many bridal showers involve presents specifically meant for the honeymoon, such as seductive lingerie, see-through panties, luxurious pajamas, or lacy garter belts. However, there comes the issue of size. No one wants to give you something too small and you don't want to stress over squeezing into it, so it's probably a good idea to alert your maid of honor to your correct size. While they may want to surprise you with sexy undergarments - play off the notion by saying "If you're thinking about clothes as a gift, you should know I wear a size..." 

Make Your Dislikes Known

A mischievous maid of honor may want to enlist the help of "male entertainment" during your bridal shower, but if you are completely opposed to this bridal shower idea, then let it be known. There have been some brides who have actually walked out of their own festivities because they've become embarrassed (or disgusted) by risqué decorations and other distractions.

In the end, help your maid of honor plan your bridal shower so that it becomes a cost-efficient and memorable event that all parties involved will enjoy and appreciate.


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:09 pm
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