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A Costa Rica Honeymoon


Costa Rica boasts lush, tropical rain forests and fine, sandy beaches.  It's the perfect honeymoon destination and is sure to be a memory you and your soon-to-be groom never forget!  Temperatures are typically between 70 and 80 degrees year round, so you're sure to enjoy the weather no matter what time of year your honeymoon is scheduled for.  Below you will find some important tips and suggestions for your honeymoon in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica Honeymoon: What to Pack

The rainy season in Costa Rica is between the months of May and December, so if your honeymoon will be during this time - be sure to pack an umbrella or two!  Typical attire will work well for Costa Rica, including light slacks or jeans and blouses.  You may want to bring a light jacket incase you feel chilled, and great shoes for walking as you will probably want to explore a little.  A camera should definitely be brought along, as well as all important forms of identification and paperwork.

Where to Stay

Costa Rica features some of the most elegant and charming hotels for honeymoons.  In fact, you should try to find a honeymoon package, as you will save money and have all the important and romantic extras included.  A few of the most romantic hotels in your honeymoon destination, Costa Rica include:

-Hotel Punta Islita - Located in the southern part of the Guanacaste Pacific Shores, this elegant hotel is surrounded by private beaches and beautiful, dense tropical forests.  The price differs depending upon the season, but the ‘romantic' package includes sparkling wine, a spa treatment for two, delicious breakfast for two and more.  The average price is around $2500 for three nights.

-Tabacon Grand Spa Thermal Resort - Located at the foot of the Arenal volcano, this resort takes advantage of the natural thermal springs.  Surrounded by beautiful rainforests and waterfalls, this is a gorgeous place to spend your honeymoon.  With access to the hot springs or the relaxing spa, you and your sweetie are sure to enjoy this place.  The honeymoon suite includes a private Jacuzzi and a typical three night stay will cost around $1500.

Be sure to make reservations way in advance!  It gets a lot of visitors!  There are more resorts in the Arenal area that offer hot springs, spas, etc.  Look for options, you might be surprised to find similar ammenities for lower prices.

What to Do -

Whether you want to spend your entire honeymoon in your room, enjoying your time together or out and about exploring, Costa Rica offers it all.  From spending a relaxing day turtle watching or hiking to scuba diving, horseback riding and sailing - Costa Rica caters to all tastes and personalities.  By booking a package deal, you will receive planned activities or tours included in the price!

Costa Rica is a beautiful honeymoon destination and you're sure to have a wonderful time.

Last Updated: December 19, 2008 at 5:52 am
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