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A San Francisco Honeymoon


Your honeymoon is the icing on the cake - you've spent months planning, had a gorgeous wedding and finally it's time to relax and enjoy yourselves.  San Francisco is a colorful and exciting place to spend some special time with your handsome new groom.  Good news for you - there are many different ways to enjoy your San Francisco honeymoon.

Your San Francisco Honeymoon: What to Pack 

San Francisco is typically sunny with mild weather - in all months.  The summer months are warm and pleasant with temperatures in the 70's while the winter months bring temperatures between the 40's and 60's.  No matter what time of year your San Francisco honeymoon is, bring a wide range of clothing; pants and a light jacket incase you feel chilly and warm clothing for walks on the beach. 

Don't forget a dressy outfit or two for dinners and outings.  A camera is a must and since there are so many different things to do in this city, some extra cash for spending and cabs is a good idea.

San Francisco Honeymoon: Where to Stay 

When your honeymoon takes place in San Francisco, you have many different options for lodging.  If you want to take advantage of the vacation and pamper yourself while you're on honeymoon, the Edward II is perfect.  The Lion's Head junior suites offer a separate sitting room, a 2 person Jacuzzi, in-room massages, manicures and pedicures and much more.  For this beautiful option, you're looking at about $179 a night.

To shave off the expenses of a San Francisco honeymoon, try finding a weekly rental cottage or room.  These units are usually furnished and the only thing you will need to provide is the food.  You can find one in San Francisco for around $800 to $1000 a week! 

What to Do in SF! 

If you really love the idea of having a range of different activities, the San Francisco honeymoon is perfect for you!  From visiting the timeless Haight-Ashbury corner and putting flowers in your hair to riding the trolleys or enjoying a day at a relaxing spa, there are so many options.  Visit Ghirardelli square and the ice cream parlor to spend some time together enjoying the most delicious sundaes and ice cream in the world. 

If pampered is what you want, visit In-Symmetry on 26th street to enjoy hot stone massages, facials and much more!  Book a tour so you can see the highlights of the area and learn a bit as well.  Before you leave, you have to get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge - make sure you bring your camera for this event!

A honeymoon destination in San Francisco is sure to create some lasting and beautiful memories for you and your brand new spouse - so enjoy!



Last Updated: December 19, 2008 at 10:40 am
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