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Household Items You'll Never Use


People love to buy household items as wedding gifts.  You and your beloved are about to start a new life together and your friends and family want to make sure you have everything you need to make your newlywed home comfortable and complete.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of household items the average couple will never use - but, on the guest list to every wedding, there are always a few great aunts and distant cousins that missed this revelation.

How to Avoid Useless Wedding Gifts

A few years ago, newlyweds needed a spare closet in their new home just to store all the useless household items and duplicate gifts they received for their wedding.  The popularity of gift registries has changed that - now couples just need an extra shelf to store the gifts they'll never use! 

Registering for the gifts you and your fiancé prefer is a great convenience for your guests but don't expect everyone to use it.  You will still receive a number of gifts that you didn't ask for, some useful and some not so much, but most of your loved ones will shop from your registry so you can fill your home with things you need - unless you've included a bunch of nice, but useless, items in your list.

The Most Common Wedding Gifts Registered but Never Used

The best advice I can offer when you're creating your gift registry is to remember that this is not an unlimited shopping spree.  Plan your gifts just as carefully as your wedding and select things you know you'll need, as well as use, in your new life together.  These are the most common useless household items that the average couple list in their registry - think hard about how often you'll use these before adding them to yours!

  • Kitchen gadgets. I have to admit that the toaster has become a household staple - but do you really need a toaster oven as well? Decide between the espresso machine and the coffee maker because you'll probably only use one and opt for traditional kitchenware over potato-peeling gadgets and specialty ovens.

  • Knick-knacks. You may need something to adorn those empty shelves in your new home, but registering for too many expensive curios is something you'll probably regret.

  • Towels and linens. Towels and sheets are popular wedding gifts but you only need a few of each. Limit yourself to one or two sets of sheets and three or four towel sets in your bathroom colors - you'll still receive more towels than you'll ever need!

Useless wedding gifts are something newlyweds will always receive, even with a completely useful gift registry.  When close friends and family give you a household item you'll never use, it's usually best to hold on to it - even though it's useless, the gift giver will expect to see it!   

Last Updated: September 8, 2013 at 1:30 pm
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