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How Elaborate Do You Want Your Wedding?


For some brides, no expense shall be spared when it comes to planning one of the most important days of her life. From the 14-karat gold reception plates to limousine rides for all, there is no doubt that planning an elaborate wedding will cost you a pretty penny.

Elaborate Wedding Invitations

An elaborate wedding invitation is one that catches the eye and carries a hefty price tag while doing so. Imagine gilded papers and invitations etched on gold plates. Luxurious wedding invitations of today may include unforgettable embellishments, like vellum overlays or beads. Perhaps the delivery of the wedding invitation is unique - messengers by foot dressed in regal attire?

Elaborate Wedding Dresses

While some brides cannot choose between two dresses for their wedding, there are actually some brides that envision a constant wardrobe change on the hour. Others are content on choosing one dress for their special day, but will pour a great deal of time and money in its creation. Think imported materials, painstakingly crafted by hand, and priceless accents (like pearl beading and details in diamonds). Some brides simply request fresh designs from Paris, Tokyo, and other cutting-edge cities of fashion.

Elaborate Wedding Food

Butterfly-tailed shrimp, lobster, endless gourmet appetizers, and flaming desserts are just some of the elaborate wedding menu items to consider, but you'll truly push the envelope if you are able to gain the assistance of well-known culinary greats, such as Emeril, to prepare your catered meals. For an elaborate wedding approach, consider outfitting each reception table with its own mini-version of your wedding cake - complete with personalized cake toppers.

Elaborate Wedding Location

We all know the importance of a wedding location, as it helps set the mood for the ceremony and creates cherished memories for a lifetime. Some brides aren't impressed with their local reception hall or luxury hotel. Others do not want a traditional walk down the aisle in a church. Perhaps you'd rather fly out all of your family and friends to a private island, rent out a mansion of the rich and famous, or arrange for a dreamy exchange of vows on a Hollywood studio set.

Elaborate Wedding Transportation

How will you arrive and depart your wedding and reception? Elaborate wedding ideas include white horses, stretch limousines, and classic cars. Will you fly off into the sunset in a helicopter?

Elaborate Wedding Reception Décor

Setting the scene for a wedding celebration may require a bit of assistance if you want an elaborate wedding reception. Some brides pull a few strings to enjoy one-on-one time with a celebrity designer. Can you imagine enlisting the help of Martha Stewart?

Elaborate Wedding Entertainment

Bands and DJs are popular choices for weddings, but there are other options to consider when you want to impress family and friends. Is your wedding theme open to other forms of live entertainment, such as fire breathers and contortionists? Can you afford an orchestra or symphony to play your first dance song? Maybe a live band or a DJ spinning records just won't do, and you'd like something a bit more 'authentic.' Can you imagine your favorite singer or group performing live at your wedding reception?

Overall, there are plenty of ways to plan an elaborate wedding, but it is important not to go completely overboard with the ceremony and reception. Keep in mind that this is a special moment for you and your groom, but nothing can exceed the elaborateness of becoming one with the love of your life.

Photos by Meg Smith

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:16 pm
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