How to Deal with the Nightmare Mother-in-Law


We are all supposed to love our in-laws, and most of us do.  However, some brides-to-be are cursed with that nightmare mother-in-law!  She knows much more than you about pretty much everything, she looks straight down her nose whenever she addresses you in a conversation and you can hear that tiny sound of disapproval each time you mention a new idea or plan for the wedding. 

If she's not butting in and trying to run things, she's telling you what a horrible job you're doing. Here are some tips on how to deal with the nightmare mother-in-law.

Be Diplomatic -

You want to plan your wedding according to your style, but give your mother-in-law the benefit of the doubt by listening to her ideas.  If she does offer an idea that you like, you can use it and thank her sincerely.  Also, if you can compromise in a few areas without sacrificing your own sense of wedding style, do it.  It's worth it if you can make your impossible mother-in-law happy, right?  Remember also that your mother-in-law could truly have good intentions by trying to be helpful.

Remember That It's YOUR Wedding -

You may want to do things her way to simply keep tension down or keep from upsetting your groom.  While it's alright to take some of the suggestions she gives, you should remember that it's your wedding.  If you don't like an idea she offers, simply thank her for the idea and move on without using it.  Chances are your spouse understands his mom's overbearing ways and won't blame you at all for not taking your nightmare mother-in-law's suggestions. 

Relax -

If you're not perfect in your mother-in-law's eyes, so what!  None of us are perfect and trying to live up to outrageous expectations will only cause you stress and heartache that you can prevent.  If you get that disapproving look or comment, simply beam your best smile at the nightmare mother-in-law and let her know that you really love things the way they are.  Throw in some details about how much you appreciate her support and how you couldn't have done it (whatever it is) without her help.  Hopefully this will ice her down a bit and you can go on happily. 

As you learn how to deal with your nightmare mother-in-law, remember that your soon-to-be groom was once her tiny little boy...and as you may find out someday, it's hard to see that tiny boy as a grown and capable man with a loving fiancée.  Have patience and use the tips above - everything will work out fine!

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:13 am
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