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How to Decorate Your Car for Your Wedding Day


When people see a car rolling down the street with wedding decorations, it can instantly make them think of their own special wedding day or dream of the day that's coming.  While traditionally, the bride and groom didn't decorate their own car - these days, it's perfectly normal to do so. 

Not only can you decide for yourself how to decorate your car, but you can control those rowdy groomsmen who love to use ‘iffy' decorations!  Below you will find some tips and suggestions on how to decorate your car for your wedding day.

Supplies You Will Need -

In order to decorate your car, you will need a few supplies.  Although many couples choose to use all white for their car decorations, you can use one or all of your wedding colors or something else you find attractive.  Be sure to pick up:

-          Liquid chalk or car markers to write on the car with.

-          Balloons and colored ribbon.

-          Cans to hang from the back of your car.

-          Magnets if you'd rather skip the markers.

-          Flowers.

How to Decorate Your Car -

Decide whether you want an overall theme for the car or if you just want to ‘wing it' and make it look pretty.  Most couples write ‘Just Married' or something similar on the back windshield, but be sure that it doesn't obstruct your view from the rear-view mirror.  Again, if you don't like the thought of writing on the car, use a magnet that says, ‘Just Married.'  You can also have these personalized to include your names.

Adding flowers to the car is a great way to make it festive and fit to leave the reception in!  You can either affix them to the back of the car, the antenna or the doors.  Artificial flowers are perfect for this - real flowers will get badly damaged and are way more expensive than the silk ones!  Add the balloons, ribbons and cans to the back of the car in traditional fashion or create your own design. 

If You Have Rented a Car -

If you've rented a limousine or a car for your wedding, you should check with the rental company regarding decorating policy.  Some limousine companies have very tasteful decorations that you can add to the vehicle.  While some companies may not care how you decorate the car, others are very strict regarding what you're allowed to do.  Make sure you check in advance to avoid paying a fee!

While you may not be climbing into a glittering, covered carriage with your new spouse, it's a lovely idea to celebrate your wedding by decorating your car.  You may even get a few honks and well-wishes from other drivers!




Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:08 am
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