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iPod vs. DJ: Which is the Best Choice for Your Wedding?


The music that will play during your wedding should be very special to both you and your soon-to-be groom.  You've probably spent a lot of time choosing each special song that will play during the different parts of your wedding - from the bridesmaids walking down the aisle to the father and daughter dance. 

Once you have your songs picked out, it's time to make another important choice.  Should you hire a DJ or use an iPod to play each of your songs?  Here are some things to consider with the ‘iPod vs. DJ' question in mind.

iPod vs. DJ Round One:

Price -

There's no doubt that using the iPod would probably save you money - most of us already have an iPod so you wouldn't have to figure up the cost of purchasing one unless you don't have one.  DJs on the other hand can get quite expensive if you hire one that is capable and professional.  Some DJs even charge a fee for setting up their equipment, receiving a list of songs you don't want played and if your reception lasts longer than expected - you can bet on paying extra.  The iPod definitely takes the point in this round.

iPod vs. DJ Round Two:

Crowd Interaction -

One of the reasons brides and grooms hire DJs is to help with the crowd.  Not only do they play that special song at the correct time, but they can talk to the guests, transition from one activity to another and keep people interested at the reception.  DJs must be charming and people-oriented on top of being musically inclined.  Unfortunately, your iPod will not notice when people are starting to get restless or when an upbeat song needs to be played.  In round two of iPod vs. DJ, the DJ gets the point.

iPod vs. DJ Round Three:

Reliability -

When you've selected your songs, you need to know that they will all be played at the right times and that you won't be let down.  The odds are with you that your iPod will work correctly (assuming it's in good condition) and most professional DJs will provide a replacement if they should happen to get sick or be unable to make it.  There is, of course, a chance that your iPod could fail or your DJ could be a no show - but don't panic because neither is likely to happen.  In round three, both the DJ and the iPod get a point.

The fact is both of the above choices are great.  It really comes down to your own preference and desires.    

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:11 am
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