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Lingerie and Boudoir Photos


Have you decided what to get your husband-to-be for his wedding gift?  Before you run out to buy a personalized hankie, think about sentimental gifts your sweetie would actually appreciate.  Boudoir photos have long been treasured groom's gifts and I can guarantee it's a gift your fiancé will cherish as well.

What Are Boudoir Photos?

Boudoir refers to a lady's private dressing room or bedroom.  Boudoir photos are intimate pictures, usually taken in lingerie, swimwear, or other suggestive outfits.  In the past few years, boudoir photos have become extremely popular among new brides and are quickly becoming a favorite wedding gift choice.  The best shots are usually compiled into a special album just for your groom.

Finding a Photographer

You could take your own photos, but a professional boudoir photographer will offer much better results and can often provide you with a beautifully bound album to hold your pictures.  A photographer that specializes in this type of session will usually make you feel the most comfortable, something that's extremely important considering the intimate nature.  Ask your girlfriends, especially those that were recently married, if they have any recommendations or search for boudoir photographers in your area.

What to Bring

A good boudoir photographer typically has an assortment of props and settings to make your shoot better.  She will generally provide you with a list of suggestions for outfits as well.  The most common choices are:

  • Something sexy - your favorite pair of jeans, a cute skirt, lingerie

  • Something of your fiancé's - a favorite team jersey, his tie, sports equipment

  • A fantasy outfit - for him, of course; French maid, nurse's uniform, etc.

  • Wedding accessories - your diamond, garter, wedding veil

  • Accessories - jewelry, shoes, underwear

What to Expect

Most photographers have a private studio for photo shoots.  It's not uncommon for boudoir photographers to work out of their homes so they can offer a comfortable setting.  Hair and makeup may be included with your session and you can usually order an album from your photographer as well, although some brides-to-be prefer to make this themselves.  The shoot typically takes between an hour and three hours and could cost anywhere from $200 to more than $400. 

Boudoir photos are tasteful, yet sexy gifts that your future husband will be thrilled to receive.  If you're feeling a little self-conscious about getting bare before the camera, don't worry - a professional photographer can bring out your most amazing features without drawing any attention to those not-so-flattering parts.  The right photographer will make sure that you're as happy with your lingerie and boudoir photos as your beloved husband-to-be.  




Last Updated: August 26, 2013 at 4:56 pm
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