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New York Wedding Cakes


New York, New York - the city so nice they named it twice. When it comes to weddings, bakers, and brides New York has some of the best. We wanted to dig down deep into New York wedding cakes and so we talked to Jennifer Bunce of The Hudson Cakery.

When it comes to New York Wedding Cakes what do brides want?

"New York brides are always trying to stay ahead of the trends. They want cakes that are modern yet elegant in design but trendy and different in taste. For example, we created a geometric-designed all-white cake but it was baked with alternating hot pink and chocolate layers of cake. So it was an extra pop of color when it was cut and served to the guests."

"Brides in our Metro Area are also big on the "wow" factor of their cake if their budget allows for bigger and better. Extra-tall tiers, bold in color or "bedazzled" sugar jewels are the norm," says Bunce.

Groom's cakes are gaining in popularity. Once just a southern tradition, the grooms cake is a smaller cake "presented" to the groom at the reception and usually incorporating his favorite sports team, hobby or pet into an edible treat.

New York brides do follow trends. Many brides are asking wedding cake designers to create cupcakes stacked on a tiered stand as a substitute for a wedding cake. We place a 6" cake at the top to cut for the photo. Dessert Buffets are increasingly popular as well intergrading smaller cakes of different flavors and design.

Many clients want to incorporate NYC landmarks or the skyline into their reception. We've created cakes that have city buildings along the tiers or a checkered cab on top. People are extremely proud to be from New York!

Since NYC is a fashion Mecca, a beautiful detailed cake tends to be the centerpiece of the reception so budget accordingly. If you want the cake to be a focus at the reception, plan to spend $1,000+. If you want a basic buttercream cake just for tradition's sake, plan to spend about $200+.

New York Wedding Cakes - Exceptions are the Norm

"New York City Brides are one of the most diverse groups in the nation, so we have lots of requests for flavors based on cultural diets. We have a lot of Indian couples who want to incorporate spices like cardamom and curry into their frosting or cake. In fact, many of our favorite flavor combinations were based on suggestions from our Indian clients."

"We also have vegan couples who want a dairy/egg/gelatin-free cake which can be challenging since it may limit some of their flavor/design options - but clients have always been happy with their results!"

New York Wedding Cake Challenges

Bunce jokes that the New York and New Jersey roads don't make it easy on a cake designer rolling to a wedding with an elaborate, tall and fragile wedding cake. But their biggest concerns involve the 4 seasons of weather in the northeast. "I have to know ahead of time if a wedding will be held outside in August on the beach or inside a catering hall in January. This will all affect the temperature at which we keep the cake prior to presentation."

"New York brides get pretty savvy about dealing with tourists, traffic, and holiday crowds. Many brides choose spots in Long Island, New Jersey or Connecticut just to get away from the madness."

All New York Wedding Cake photos coutesy of The Hudson Cakery.


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