Reminder: Block Out Rooms for Your Wedding


While you're caught up in choosing color palettes and flowers for your wedding, it can be easy to neglect the tasks which aren't quite as fun!  If you'll be having out of town guests at your wedding, it's important to block out rooms for your friends and family to ensure that their needs are taken care of.  Here are some tips and suggestions for blocking out rooms for your wedding.

Find Out Your Guests' Preferences -

It's important that you consider each guest or family that you will be reserving rooms for.  You may need to make special accommodations for handicapped guests or larger parties which will be visiting from out of town.  If possible, find out your guests' preferences before you block out rooms for your wedding.  Is there anything special they need as far as the room goes - will they need to be on the first floor, do they need a room with handicap access, will they need more than one room?  Finding out what your guests need is important so you can make sure you get the room accommodations correct.

Allow Yourself Plenty of Time -

You should definitely block out rooms for your wedding well in advance.  This is especially true if you live in a tourist area or if you will be holding your wedding near or on a holiday.  The last thing you want is to have no place to put the guests who are coming from out of town to be at your wedding!  Reserving the rooms at least a few months in advance is a good idea.  This will ensure that the rooms will be available when your guests arrive and you won't be doing a last-minute scramble to find a hotel that will accommodate them.

Check for Package Discounts -

Many hotels will offer package discounts if you will be reserving several rooms for your wedding guests.  Check around with different local hotels to see which offers the best package for the right price.  This will help your guests save money (or you, if you will be paying) and it's convenient because all of your guests will be staying at the same hotel.  This makes it easier if you will be providing transportation to and from the wedding and reception.

As you block out rooms for your wedding, remember the helpful tips above - anything that makes things easier for you is a value when you're planning a wedding!

Last Updated: March 15, 2014 at 6:40 pm
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