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Reminder: Send Save the Dates


Have you sent your ‘save the dates' yet? 

If not - or if you're not particularly sure what these handy notices are for, this reminder will help you determine whether or not you even want to bother. 

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What Are ‘Save the Date Cards?'

Save the date cards are sent before an official wedding invitation to let the invitee know that the wedding is taking place on a specific date.  They give the recipient plenty of time to mark the wedding day on their calendar so they don't make other plans for that specific day - or week if they must travel to attend.  Aside from the functional use of save the dates, they act as a wonderful memento for wedding guests.

Send Save the Dates: Pros and Cons


There are definitely some advantages to sending save the date cards, including the fact that your guests will know in advance when your wedding day is.  It will give them the opportunity to clear their schedules and free up their time for your big day.  Save the date cards are also a great way to get a pre-invitation head count for your wedding guest list. 

Most of your guests will call or acknowledge their save the date cards, so you can get a pretty good idea of who will be attending and who will not be able to.  Although this is not a safe way to finalize your guest count, it will give you a general idea to work towards.




Many brides-to-be think save the date cards are simply another way for invitation and printing companies to make money.  Since you will be sending an official invitation well in advance, there isn't an absolute need for save the date cards.  In fact, simply giving your potential guests a call and mentioning the wedding date ahead of time should suffice. 

It can also be difficult to determine who to send save the dates to because they are supposed to be sent well in advance - long before the wedding is to take place.  You may change your mind about the guest list before you actually send the final invitations out, which could create some hurt feelings.

If you do decide to send save the dates, you should know that you can order them to match your invitations and thank you cards, so uniformity will not be a problem.  Determining whether or not to send these handy announcements is based solely on your own personal taste and desires.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:41 pm
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