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Sacramento Wedding Cakes


What kinds of trends, challenges, and unique specialties do wedding cake designers in California's 7th largest city consider each day?

If you're not from California, Sacramento may only be familiar to you from your 8th grade social studies class. As the capitol of the union's largest state the word "Sacramento" gets memorized by children everywhere.

But Sacramento is an interesting place, and if you're a bride looking for a wedding cake you'll find a unique set of options reflecting the bi-polar nature of the city. Is it an agricultural center based around farming? Yes. If is a cosmopolitan state capitol with sophisticated taste and services? Yes. Is it small? Yes. Large? Well, yes. On and On, Sacramento is this, and that, and does a good job at both.

We talked to Jeanaya Thomas at Lush Couture Cakes to help orient us in the Sacramento wedding cake community.

Sacramento Wedding Cakes - A Wealth of Natural Flavors

Brides in this area have a major asset at their feet - The Sacramento Valley. This lush farmland encompasses the northern part of the California Central Valley -- considered by many to be the best agricultural area on earth. Citrus fruits, almonds, walnuts, rice, olives, and plums just scratch the surface of the fresh food grown in this area. In addition, the nearby towns of Lodi and Folsom have become first rate wine growing regions with international recognition.

All these fresh and local flavors make their way into the wedding cakes of the area and tend to influence the options offered.


Sacramento Wedding Cakes - Sacramento is HOT!

If you envision gentle California summer days, you're thinking of Los Angeles! The entire central valley is broiling in the summer months. Temperatures of 105+ are not uncommon. Jeanaya recommends that whatever Sacramento brides want, they should remember the laws of physics. "Although an outdoor Sacramento wedding can be absolutely beautiful; melted buttercream is not. I always advise to keep the cake inside in a refrigerator until the actual cake cutting ceremony and photos."

A nice compromise may be to have the ceremony outside and the reception indoors. "The weather can be unpleasant but is usually predictable. However, due to the fruit orchards in our area you never know when a surprise attack from local flying insects is in the making."

Sacramento Wedding Cakes - The Way They Want It

Jeanaya pointed out some of the unique requests that are common from Sacramento brides.

1.    "Because of our never ending supply of fruits brides often ask for fresh fruits as filling in their cakes. Strawberries, bananas, and blackberries are top picks."
2.    "Nearly 70% of our cakes are enrobed in fondant. Brides enjoy the smooth finish and ability to customize there cakes with the added decoration options it allows."
3.    "Festive and themed cakes have become increasingly popular. 4 out of 5 cakes we make are NOT white."
4.    "Whipped cream is often requested though I don't recommend it for outdoor weddings and not at all for weddings in August, our hottest month of the year." 
5.    "When budgets force brides to prioritize Sacramento brides they tend to focus on the dress, the food, and the cake."

When Jeanaya is giving wedding cake advice to Sacramento Brides she keeps it simple and practical. "When it comes to cake it is always taste, taste, taste. Design and decoration are important, but never sacrifice design for flavor. Always taste your cake before you book your baker.  Your guests will thank you."

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:07 am
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