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Sacramento - 50% agricultural center, 50% political hub, 50% cosmopolitan destination.  This town sits next to America's breadbasket - the rich san Joaquin Valley and offers brides a rich mix of natural beauty and sophisticated urban resources.

We talked to Julie Ann from Two Moms Catering to get the inside scoop on what brides want in Sac-Town.


Sacramento Wedding Catering - What Makes Brides Here Unique?

The uniqueness of our brides and weddings here in Sacramento is no longer just the traditional White wedding dress and tucks.   Some go from Jeans and T-shirts to camping gear, even dungeons and dragons to folklore. Our brides are rich in culture and diversity and mixing in new and creative ways to be set apart.

Sacramento is a very diverse area. It is very refreshing when we find two different cultured families being united by marriage and finding that balance in food to serves our new generation and still being able to create traditional dishes for cultures can be challenging. As no one can make a traditional food quite as well as a mom, grandma, or aunties, but to be acknowledged for our efforts makes it all worthy it!


Sacramento Wedding Catering - What are some local preferences?

While there are many who still prefer the traditional church weddings, many have their wedding at our local parks, State Capital,  their back yards, at their homes, even at a local favorite sports bar, or pub.


Before a bride makes a choice about a ceremony or reception location I always encourage her to visit the areas that make us so unique - places like Old Sacramento, The State Capital, Sunrise, Placerville, the Car Museum, the art galleries and parks. All these locations provide opportunities for a distinctive wedding.

You could take a horse and buggy ride through Old Sacramento and downtown Sacramento to the State Capitol where your beautiful candle light dinner and soft music playing await you on the lawns of the State capital; the smell of spring in the air.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:43 pm
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