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San Diego Wedding Photography


It's often voted the most liveable city in America. San Diego manages to enjoy the big city benefits of being the 9th largest US city and maintain a small town, laid back feel. With near perfect year-round weather, San Diego can be a brides dream.

But what makes San Diego unique? We talked to San Diego Wedding Photographer Chris Meurer of Meurer Image Photography to learn more. All photos by Chris Meurer.


San Diego Wedding Photography - Unique Challenges

Brides in San Diego are unique because they have so many beautiful locations to get married.  San Diego has great hotels, from small boutique style to grand resorts, incredible beaches, golf courses and private homes that all cater to weddings.

San Diego has a very diverse population. A photographer must be prepared to shoot a wide variety of traditions in a respectful way. We have done a variety of cultural weddings, such as Cambodian (which lasted 8 hours), Chinese, Vietnamese Tea Ceremonies, Indian, and Mystical African.  In addition to the more traditional Spanish/Mexican style Catholic traditional ceremonies which involve a coin exchange, veil and lasso.

San Diego is well known for its perfect weather, but in the months of May, June, and July we get a lot of marine layer (gray sky) at the coast.  This impacts weddings at the beach because with no blue sky colors tend to wash out.   The flip side is the problems cause by the sun. Many ceremonies aren't set up with the best angle in mind for photos during a mid-day wedding.  We always try and work with the couple considering outdoor weddings and discuss the best way to layout the site when possible.


San Diego Wedding Photography - Brides Preferences

  • 60% to 70% of San Diego weddings are outside.

  • Indoor photography is at a minimum. The majority of the traditional bridal party shots are done outside.

  • Many weddings, including very formal weddings do sunset beach shots to capture the beautiful west coast sun setting in the Pacific.

  • A large number of San Diego weddings are very informal (shorts and flip flops) and that is reflected in the photography.

San Diego Wedding Photography - Advice for Brides

  • Because of the beautiful surroundings San Diego weddings are popular, book photographers 9-12 months in advance.

  • The most popular wedding photography destinations in San Diego are Hotel Del Coronado, Balbo Park, and of course - the beach.

  • Unlike Orange County and Los Angeles most San Diego public locations allow photography without a permit. This gives brides an much wider set of locations to choose from.


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:11 am
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