Start Building Your Immunity Now!


Planning a wedding is great fun, but also a lot of stress - and it can sometimes be frustrating.  One thing's for sure - wedding planning takes a huge amount of energy and can really wear you down if you're not careful.  If you start building your immunity now, you can ensure that you will be a healthy, happy bride on the day of your wedding.

Foods that Help You Build Immunity -

Fruits and vegetables are an excellent way of getting essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.  In fact, it's recommended that you get around 4 to 13 servings of fruit and vegetables every single day.  2 to 4 of these servings should be fruits and you can have as many vegetables as you want.  Eating fruits and vegetables of different colors will vary your vitamin intake.  This is one of the best ways to start building your immunity now and protecting yourself against illness before your wedding.

Supplements -

Another suggestion for building your immunity now is supplements.  From vitamins A and C (which protect against common colds and viruses) to essential fatty acids that will protect your skin, hair and fingernails - there are supplements for just about everything.  Echinacea is an herb that you can obtain in the form of a tablet which helps boost your immune system and protects against illness.  Of course, you should speak to your physician before taking any sort of vitamins or supplements to ensure that you are able to take them without adverse affects.

Rest and Laughter -

There's no doubt that you'll be rushing around trying to get things completed and planned before the wedding, but make sure you take periodic rests and nights off.  By resting, you can lower stress levels that cause sickness and health conditions.  Another interesting tip is that laughter has been linked to boosting the immune system!  So, make sure you rest up and enjoy a good joke or two whenever you can if you want to start building your immunity now.

Even your wedding day can have a damper placed upon it if you're not feeling 100% or if you have a cold or virus.  However, taking steps to protect your health and keep you going will ensure that you feel great for your wedding.  Start building your immunity now to keep the sick-germs at bay for your big day!   


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:26 am
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