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Unique Vows and Readings


The moment when you and your new husband exchange vows is probably the most touching part of the entire wedding ceremony. Signifying the love and everlasting bond between a husband and his wife, these promises speak in a universal language understood by all.  Your vows, plus the readings you choose, will announce your love and commitment for one another to your guests so select your words carefully. 

Not long ago, it was more common for the bride and groom to repeat traditional vows read by the minister. While traditional vows and readings still have a place in thousands of ceremonies, many modern couples decide to make things more personal by creating their own unique vows and readings.  Personalizing your ceremony with one of a kind readings or custom vows is a terrific way to truly reflect your feelings for one another and can be more meaningful for your guests as well.

Finding Unique Vows and Readings for Your Ceremony

  • Write your own. You don't have to be a poet - or even a great speller - to write your own wedding vows. You do need to give yourself plenty of time to be prepared. Write from your heart and convey how you truly feel about your new life together.

  • Search the internet. If you need a little inspiration, there's a wealth of resources online. Browse unique wedding vows and readings written by other newlyweds, find templates and outlines to guide your writing, or find a few intriguing quotes to include in your ceremony.

  • Hire a writer. Not everyone can find the right words to express the feelings in their heart. There's nothing wrong with using the services of a professional to give your message a bit of poetic flair. Be sure to see samples of previous work before selecting a writer. Most will ask you to answer a questionnaire or request a few notes - then your thoughts will be transformed into your own special vows.

  • Song lyrics and poetry. A special line from your favorite song can be a creative addition to your vows, while a classic love poem could make the perfect reading.

You can write something original; you can incorporate the words of someone else; or you may decide on a combination of the two - whatever you do, using unique vows and readings in your ceremony is sure to create beautiful wedding memories.

Last Updated: December 15, 2008 at 10:25 am
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