Wedding Color Palette: Black and White


A wedding with the color palette black and white can be a simple and elegant affair.  With or without a different accent color, black and white is timeless and beautiful.  These colors produce a balanced look and contrast perfectly, creating a dazzling effect.  If you're considering a black and white wedding color palette, here are some ideas that will help you create your special day.

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Bouquets and Flower Arrangements -

When planning your bouquets and flower arrangements for a black and white-themed wedding, you don't just have to think about flowers!  If you'd rather not have black flowers, you can create the paired black and white look by adding black feathers to white floral arrangements.  Consider placing white roses, orchids or lilies in black ceramic vases, adding a few black feathers and tying the vase with white ribbons.  There are many ways to achieve the desired effect in your floral arrangements.

For your bouquet, you can include black feathers or you can use white anemones, which have a beautiful black center.  If you'd rather have white roses or lilies, consider pairing them with black ivy berries to create a classic and gorgeous black and white bouquet.

Black and White Wedding Décor -

Once you've decided on the best flowers to complement your black and white wedding, you will need to consider décor ideas.  One classic way to decorate is to use black and white balloons with alternating ribbon colors.  Using white table linens and black settings is a creative way to include your wedding colors in the reception. 

The great thing about black and white is that it will look amazing with any accent color you choose - or without one at all.  For instance, silver is a beautiful accent color for black and white.  If you'd rather add some vivid color, consider placing splashes of hot pink or forest green here and there.  One suggestion for your black and white wedding décor is to add a black and white picture of you and the groom in a silver frame at every table!

Extras for Your Black and White Wedding -

Black bridesmaid dresses are absolutely perfect - not only will they look spectacular but your bridesmaids will probably appreciate them as well!  White Jordan almonds in black or silver tins are a fitting idea for wedding favors.  A few others include black and white polka-dot picture frames; and black tuxedo and white dress candles.  You can even get black and white favor boxes so you can use any sort of gift you'd like.

The wedding color palette black and white is an elegant and stylish one; it's sure to make a statement with your guests and set the tone for a beautiful wedding.


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