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Wedding Favors – What Will They Be?


Wedding favors are a fun and creative way to send your 'thanks' to friends and family for coming to support and share in the festivities surrounding your marriage. Once the matrimonial dust has settled, what is left of the special memories of this day besides cell phone snapshots and thank-you cards? Well, I tell you it's the wedding favors, which become cherished keepsakes – whether it's an engraved book of matches or champagne flutes with important details etched in the glass.

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So, where do you begin when it comes to choosing wedding favors that not only leave a lasting impression, but also keep in line with your wedding theme (when applicable) and match your reception décor? A few factors to consider when browsing the endless assortment of wedding favors on the market, include:


Can you inscribe, etch, stamp, or print your name as a couple and the 'big date' on the wedding favors that you select? Sometimes, the material is too fragile to successfully personalize keepsakes. Other times, your chosen gifts are simply too small to include all of the information you desire. You may have to make a compromise on either the gift choice or your inscriptions.

Why don’t you consider personalizing the following wedding favors?

  • Bookmarks

  • Pencils and pens

  • Fortune cookies


Wedding favors can last many months, survive endless years, or serve as a fleeting treat. When choosing small gifts for guests, consider its lasting value and durability. A box of chocolates wrapped in your wedding colors will surely not last as long as a keepsake clock. A couple of suggestions for wedding favors that last quite a while, includes:

  • Key rings

  • Bottle openers

  • Magnets

  • Candles

Decorative Value and Color

Since wedding favors should not clash with the overall scheme of your reception decoration, choosing the right color is important. This means don’t choose the pink Jordan almonds for a green and purple wedding. Your wedding favors should not compete with the rest of the décor. They should not become a distraction, but instead enhance the atmosphere of the reception.

What about the following ideas for decorative wedding favors? 

  • Flower pots

  • Personalized Andes mints

  • Nonpareils

  • Hershey kisses

Unique Symbolism

Do your wedding favors show a hint of your personality as a couple? For example, golf enthusiasts may hand out golf balls displaying wedding details. Using common interests and hobbies is a popular approach to selecting wedding favors that represent newlyweds as a match made in heaven.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:11 am
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