Your Non-Coordinator Wedding Coordinator


You're up to your eyeballs in wedding planning details, you haven't heard from your cake designer in 2 weeks, and you can't remember if you paid that deposit to the DJ or the caterer - you're probably starting to wonder why you decided you could do this without hiring a wedding coordinator.

I'll remind you - wedding coordinators are quite expensive!  If your budget won't allow the services of a professional, it doesn't mean you have to drown alone in an endless ocean of vendors, receipts, and little details.  A number of brides-to-be turn to an organized and reliable friend or family member for help and relief.

A non-coordinator wedding coordinator may not have the experience and knowledge of a professional, but she'll definitely make your life much less stressful - and you won't have to double your budget!  

Duties of a Non-Coordinator Coordinator

A volunteer wedding planning won't handle every detail of your event like a hired professional would, but she can oversee the vendors and manage the budget so that payments are taken care of in a timely manner.  A friend or relative willing to take on this position can be a true lifesaver as your wedding date creeps closer and closer.

Some of the things your non-coordinator planner may supervise include:

  • Securing the ceremony and reception locations.

  • Updating the guest list and managing RSVPs.

  • Organizing seating arrangements.

  • Arranging entertainment for the reception or photography sessions of the bridal party.

  • And anything else that may ease your planning burdens.

The Perfect Candidate

If you're lucky, someone will step forward and volunteer their help in planning.  Usually, you'll have to ask around to find the right person with time for the job.  Anyone willing to help could be a huge asset to you, but the ideal person should have excellent organizational skills as well as the ability to manage people and delegate tasks. 

Someone with previous experience planning a wedding would be the perfect choice.  You'll need to be in constant communication with your volunteer coordinator so select an individual that's not only reliable, but someone you get along with well.

Whoever steps in as your non-coordinator wedding coordinator, be sure to provide them with a good wedding planner to stay organized.  Also remember to show your gratitude by honoring your friend or relative on the ceremony program and with a special gift after the wedding.

Last Updated: December 15, 2008 at 10:48 am
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