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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010: Memorial Vases


Are there individuals in your life who are no longer on this earth, but have touched you in such a way that you wouldn't think of not including them on your wedding day? How about creating Memorial Vases to show their presence?

You Will Need:
   1 vase for each person plus a main vase
   1 piece of vellum paper for each vase plus 1 or 2 extras in case
   computer with a printer
   paper cutter/scissors
   double sided tape
   1 battery operated tea light for each vase

1. Gather together the amount of cylinder vases you will need. In my case, I ordered one for each person and another one for the "main vase".

2. Purchase vellum paper for each vase. The vellum I purchased has a marble/cloud like look to it.

3. In word processing software, type out what you'd like each vase to say (examples below) - make sure to stay within the height of the vase, and to not make the words too wide. It'll make a nicer looking vase if you don't have to twist it to read everything. Use landscape instead of portrait layout.

4. Print out each paper.

5. Cut each paper to the height of the vase. The width will be perfect to just overlap.

6. Place a strip of double sided tape down the length of the vase.

7. At that spot, start the vellum paper and wrap it around the vase. You may need to try a few times to get it to wrap tightly without being on an angle.

8. Place another strip of double sided tape at the other end of the paper to secure it.

9. Insert a battery operated tea light, and enjoy!

On the main vase:

"In Loving Memory
of those who have touched
our lives in a special way
and were taken from us too soon.

Always in our thoughts.
Forever in our hearts.

July 24, 2010"

With the names of each person scattered across the vase.

On each individual vase:

"Today and Always,
We remember you.
We honor you.
We miss you.

First and Last Name

You are never gone."

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:28 am
Tags: DIY Wedding
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