8 Creative Photo Ideas for Ring DIsplay


Before you and your significant other swap rings in front of your guests, give them the attention they deserve with a photo shoot. Below are some ideas to help you get creative!


1. Invitation Only


Photo by Katelyn James Photography

Place your wedding rings on your wedding invitations, and focus in on the month of your nuptials. Frame the photograph for a cute momento to cherish for years to come.

2. Naturally Rustic

wooden & rustic

Photos by Morgan Trinker Photography

Hang the bands off of a small branch, or etch a design into a piece of wood for a more rustic and natural photograph. 

3. Fruity Fun


Photos by (from left to right): Glass Jar Photography and Katie McGihon Photography

Add some bright colors to your ring photos by placing them on fruits like grapes or lemons. Just about any fruit will add a pop of personality to the picture! 

4. If the Shoe Fits


Photos by (from left to right): Hazelnut Photography and Kaysha Weiner Photography

A picture-perfect way to show off your bridal stilettos and gorgeous gems at the same time. We recommend shooting this before your walk down the aisle in case your heels get dirty.

5. Beachin'


Photos by (from left to right): Millie Holloman Photography and Kaysha Weiner Photography

If you're exchanging vows by the water, grab some seashells for a festive photo op. Not by the beach but still feeling inspired? These decor elements definitely say summer wedding, so go for it anyways. 

6. Flourishing Flowers


Photos by (from left to right): Katie McGihon Photography and Weston Neuschafer Photography

What a more beautiful way to display your wedding rings than by using flowers as the backdrop? Whether you place them on the stem or at the center of the petals, the pictures are sure to exude romance! 

7. Extra! Extra! 


Photo by Natalie Franke Photography 

Read all about it! Pick up the local paper on the day of your wedding and use it as a fun backdrop for your ring shot! Make sure the date is clearly visible. 

8. A Novel Idea

book worms

Photos by (from left to right): Kaysha Weiner Photography and Katie McGihon Photography

If you and your significant other are self-proclaimed bookworms (or if you just love book decor), then this is the perfect photo backdrop for you. 

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