8 Wedding Hairstyles For the Rustic Bride


When it comes to choosing your bridal hairstyle, it's important to remember your wedding style. We've rounded up 8 options for those rustic brides out there. 

1. Intricate Lo-Do

intricate updo

Photo by W & E Photographie

If there's ever a time to go all out, it's your wedding day. Take after this bride and ask your hairstylist for a more intricate hairdo. 


2. Headband Braid

braided headband

Photos by Jodi Miller Photography and Onelove Photography

Opt for this style of braid if you're going for a more unique look.  The braid can stand on its own or make it part of your up-do.

3. Tousled Low Bun

tousled low bun

Photos by Kate Osborne Photography and Nordstrom Wedding Suite

This textured 'do is chic yet sophisticated. Have your hairstylist curl or tease your hair first and then gently pull it to the side for a more casual look. 


4. Half-Up, Half-Down

half up half down

Photos by Katelyn James Photography

Go ultra-curly for a fun and feminine bridal look. Pull your hair back to keep the strays away and your make-up from smudging. Don't forget to use a fun hair accessory to add personality. 


5. Fishtail Braid


Photos by Brandon Chesbro Photography and Coco Tran Photography

This unique braid is both stunning and practical. You'll wow guests with this simple look and keep hair out of your face all night. It's a win-win. 


6. Laid-Back Waves


Photos by (from left to right) Michael Radford Photography and Jemma Keech Photography

No need to overthink your hairstyle. Relaxed waves look beautiful and effortless. And you won't have to worry about touch-ups!


7. Curly Side Pony

curly side pony

Photos by Katelyn James Photography and Natalie Franke Photography

A twist on the classic ponytail, this one is curled and off to the side. It's a  great way to show off your locks and keep them in check. 


8. Natural Texture

natural texture

Photos by (from left to right): Kate Osborne Photography and Coco Tran Photography

An ideal hairstyle for the no-fuss bride. With product and minimal styling, a little texture goes a long way. 

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