YummyJack's DIY custom robes for attendants


So I wanted to give my girls something that they'd use for years to come..and the I thought..how can I guaranty they're going to do that?..well, answer is: I CAN'T..so I just decided to get them gifts that would be meaningful and fun for the wedding weekend..the first gift is a red robe with a rhinestone of their "role" in the wedding.

I went to Americanesuperstore.com (http://www.americanesuperstore.com/sm80495.html) and purchased 5 red satin short robes.

..and then I went to Advantagebridal.com (http://www.advantagebridal.com/mofobrrhtr.html) and purchased Rhinestone transfers..and these were the results:

Steps to complete iron on transfer on a Satin Robe:

1) First remove the robe from packaging and iron on a slightly higher heat level than satin.  It helps to get all the creases out now instead of after you iron-on the rhinestone transfer.

2) Take the iron on transfer and remove the white "backing", you will be left with the clear front that's keeping the wording together

3) Position the iron-on in the middle of the back, or where ever you choose to place it

4) Take a piece of fabric, I used muslin and cover the iron-on

5) Place the iron over the iron-on for 25-30 seconds with medium presure

6) Remove the iron and allow the plastic to slightly cool off

7) Slowly peel back the plastic to reveal your beautiful transferred rhinstone iron-on

Note: If there are some rhinestones that refuse to attach, it may be easier to remove them from the clear plastic sheet, and place them in the missing "spot" with tweezers. Place the muslin (or whatever fabric you have) over the iron-on and apply medium preasure for 15-20 seconds.

MrsWagner also suggested attaching the rhinestone iron-on to the garment, and then flipping it over so that the garment is now inside out, this way the point of contact is directly with th adhesive on the back of the rhinestones, and this will create a more durable seal, and you'll have less rhinestones that will want to come astray.

 ****EDIT**** I was just trying to promote this to an article, not take credit - this is all YummyJack's!  NOT Tigergirls!  =)

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:16 am
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