Navigating through PW: Help for newbies and lurkers please read


First of all, let me welcome you to PW :-)) Whether you have "outed" yourself or not we are glad to have you here and exicted about your wedding planning! I just wanted to share some useful tools on PW with you which are FAQ's asked by most who are new and unfamiliar on how to navigate the PW site. I hope that this will help make it easier for you to navigate through PW.

1) Project wedding (PW) acronyms: If you have been on the boards you have probably noticed some of the shorthand names we use on here, example: FMIL, FH, DH, B-PICS, KWIM, GTK, STD etc. No sweat, there is a dictionary on here that explains all of these acronyms. This can be found here to the right on the help section==>

2)  Have a question about general wedding related stuff? No worries, no question is a "silly" question. Dont be afraid to ask on the boards, However if you are asking, chances are it may have already been asked on the forum OR there is an article already about it. For example- many of us want to know about how to budget OR candy buffet etc. There is the PW WIKI which is an awesome resource with tons and tons of information from ex brides, experts and vendors who have been through the process before. If you dont find answers here, by all means ask on the forums.

Another PW tool is the search function (located on the top right hand corner). Lets say you are looking for inspiration for a green & red wedding, You can search the forums, bios, photos and groups. Results from a search can reaveal such useful information that may surprise you.

3) Community Rules/Guidelines: As a newbie or lurker, please take some time to read the rules for posting online. This helps to keep this place cordial and respectful to all.

4) Do you have an awesome idea or question?  You can PM any of the PW hostesses with a question or idea that can make PW better and we will pass it on to the right person! PW hostesses are a great resource for information. If we dont know something, we will point you in the right direction.

5) Ever wondered who is updating their bio or whats on the boards or recent news? Use the whats new feature. This is located on the MORE botton located on the top panel.

6) What deals/Sales are available here?  This is one of the latest awesome feature of PW that I love. The classifieds/deals sections are organized by For Sale/Wanted posts on dresses, decor, diy etc. If you are a budget bride or just looking for some deals to save $$$ this should be your favorite place to start looking.

7) PW Frequently asked Questions


Last Updated: November 11, 2009 at 4:16 am
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