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Baby Shower Games


This game is fun: You ask the daddy to be a bunch of baby related questions beforehand (lets say about 20) Ex: Sam will start walking around what age? Babies drink formula for this long? Who will be the push-over parent? You will change ___ diapers per day? The car seat has to face the rear for this long? Anything- fun or fact. . .  Print the Q's on cute paper and have your guests try to answer thinking as Daddy would lol (you get some great stuff sometimes) At my friends- her hubby really thought they started walking at 6 months, etc.

Cravings Table: For appetizers, desert, or main course- whatever you want.  Put all the stuff that the mommy to be craved through the pregnancy.  It can be a complete mix match- like pickles, chinese chicken salad, lemon heads, pizza, etc. Or all related.  whatever she liked! For mine everything was Mexican food bc thats all I ate round the clock plus that was our 'theme' since its where he was concieved.

Theme: You can take from her favorite colors for baby, theme in the nursery, or do your own based on their liking- such as sports, rubber ducky, hawaiian, etc.

Game: Cross-word trivia: Make a cross-word game based on the couple and baby asking questions- seeing how well guests know them, etc.  Where they met? Due date? name? etc etc

Wishing well:  At the sign in table you can have a little box, glass bowl, or whatever- and either ask everyone to write a piece of parenting advice, words of wisdom, or well wishes, etc.  A nice keepsake for her!

Decorating ideas:

  • Diaper cakes

  • Hang a 'laundry line' across the area and hang baby clothes on it- very cute and more clothes for them!

  • Centerpieces (I can help with more ideas- once you have a theme kinda going!)

  • Favors

  • Matching tableclothes, paper goods, balloons, etc.

You can have a raffle of some sort- put a little thing in the invite to "Bring an unwrapped pack of Huggies to enter your chance  to win _____"  Everyone will bring diapers for her- this will help them out lol

You can also (if she likes childrens books/ reading) bring a childrens book in leau of a card.  Each guest can write a nice message in the book instead! Sweet keepsake and it starts his/ her library!

Memory Game: Put a BUNCH of baby related items on a tray and walk around with it so everyone can see. Remove it. Everyone has to write down as many items as they can remember from it.  To save money this can also be a gift from one of the hostesses or buy all the goodines from the .99 store.  Think of all the little random things- teething ring- nose sucker- brush- comb- socks- onesie- desitin, orajel, and the stuff harder to remember/ know of- like an infants tooth brush, etc. (Most ppl never seen t hem before lol) If you have a lot of stuff its actually hard lol

Guess the Chocolate Bar: This game is not for everyone! Have an assortment of different chocolate bars. Place each in a diaper and melt completely(can be done using a hair dryer or other means) Pass the diapers around with the gooey mess and guests must try to guess which melted chocolate bar is in each diaper! The person with the most correct answers wins!

Bottle Chugging Contest: This one is for the daddies! Dads must simply chug a baby bottle of milk. The fastest dad wins!

Last Updated: October 25, 2009 at 5:06 pm
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