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Beauty Tips


Some good things and huge mistakes I made with beauty right before my wedding:

(1) DON'T - cut your hair for at least 5 months before the wedding.  i really had high hopes for having a down-do for my wedding, but my hair was not nearly long enough.  i thought it would grow in the 3 months after i cut it, but it only grew about 1" if that.  but i did end up loving my updo.

(2) DON'T - wax a fews days before the wedding.  i got a brazilian bikini, brow, arm, underarm and upper lip wax three days before the big day.  mainly because i was procrastinating.  huge mistake!  GINORMOUS mistake!  the waxer was very experienced in a salon down in the OC, but she still burned my face!  my sister gave me the advice to put on vaseline to heal it.  it helped a little.  on my wedding day i also applied visine to get rid of the red color.  a trick i used for pimples.  also my make up artist blended my foundation pretty well, but boy it made me worried the days leading up to the big day.

(3) DO - try out teeth whitening.  white teeth does a lot to make you look youthful and fresh.  i used brite smile in irvine.  i did it a week before my wedding.  it was hard to eat only white things for one day, and my teeth were a little sensitive the day  of my treatment, but it was pretty effective.  i got it as a xmas gift 2 years go w/ a 4 touch up package.  i lined up the last 3 touch ups to fall right before my wedding.  it worked out wonderfully.

(4) DO - try out different make up products that have received good reviews on PW and  i absolutely loved Lash Blast by Cover Girl.  it worked really well on my wedding day.  my lashes stood up all day and was very thick.  you don't have rely on only the products your makeup artist provides.  plus you can keep the products for touch ups throughout the day.

(5) DO - use oil blotters.  it was all i really needed besides lip stick to touch up my makeup.  i think i also just had an amazing make up artist to boot.

(6) DO - look into false eyelashes.  i highly recommend using shu uemera lashes.  some brides maybe hesitant that it looks too unnatural, but i have not seen one person regret it yet.  i really believe it makes everyone look really good.

(7) DO - try out spray tanning at least 2 months before the wedding if you had the farmer's tan like me.  i think for ppl with fairer skin you make look orange, but for ladies with dark skin like me and just need to even should definitely try it out.  do a test run to find a good vendor than do the actually spray tan maybe 4 days in advance of your wedding.  it's super risky but it turned out well for me.

(8) DO - try out SPANDEX.  i didn't end up using mine, but have only heard good things about.

(9) DON'T - crash diet!!  start your workout routine and healthy eating habits as early as possible.  i recommended watermelon and slimfast in conjunction with you regular healthy meals.  it'll make you feel fuller longer and is very healthy.

(10) DON'T - this is a big one..don't do anything crazy with your skin care.  i used proactiv 2 weeks before my wedding and it completely dried it out.  with advice from other PW ladies i switched back to my regular skin care products.  proactiv worked really well for me in the past but i guess my skin changed and it reacted badly.  keep it basic if you can.  if you try something new do it much earlier on.

Last Updated: August 26, 2013 at 6:06 pm
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