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Bridesmaids Gifts for Under $20


With 7 girls, I had to be on a budget.  In addition to getting them manis/pedis, I copied the age old idea of putting items in a tote bag.  However, I tried to make it more meaningful by organizing those items into theme surrounding the wedding day.  I also had to take into account that half of them had to fly, so I wanted to make sure they had room in their luggage and TSA wouldn't get mad at them.

So I bought different colored tote bags from for $5.  I wanted to give each girl a color that they would like, and my personal feeling is that I don't like carrying around a bag with my name or someone else's monogram, so I left it plain.  I made little luggage tags simply with shapes in Word and traced/cut them out onto construction paper.  Then I gave each girl 3 bags labeled "Before" "During" and "After"(all labels also made in Word and I just glued it on).  Inside the bags contained items they could use Before the wedding, During the wedding, and After the wedding.


1 bottle of water
2 snack packs

total = $1.50
reasoning: made sure they have something to eat before the wedding


gel foot pads
oil blotting tissues
lip balm

total = $6.50
reasoning: heels are not comfortable, lip balm and oil blotting are for touch ups, tissues in case they cry, and gum for those impressionable moments


make up remover
nail polish remover
hand lotion
foot lotion
travel slippers
bar of daisy soap

total = $6
reasoning: at the end of the night after getting sweaty from all the dancing, you just want to clean up and feel good before getting into bed.


I have to highly recommend, the 99 cent section in Target, and Daiso, a Japanese discount store.  That's primarily the reason why I was able to give as much as I could for $19/bridesmaid.  My bridesmaids are obviously worth more than that, so I also paid for their manis/pedis and a lunch.  I just tried to be as practical and wallet-friendly as possible.

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:45 pm
Tags: Budget
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