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DIY Decor: Alice in Wonderland


Event Design and Description by Alchemy Fine Events and Canvas and Canopy Events by Cortnie, Photography by Cary Pennington

This bright and cheery tabletop would work perfectly for both small and large gatherings. It would be a great theme for any type of event from a wedding, birthday party or bridal shower. With multiple mixes of patterns and colors, the tea party can be both a casual or formal event depending on the food served. Creative details such as the stacked teacup centerpiece and monogrammed tea bags displaying each guest’s initials, provide the perfect, customized finishing touch!



Start by draping the table with a bold and bright floral table linen. For multiple tables, use the same patterned linen on each table or feel free to mix in other patterned linens to create an eclectic garden feel. Next, use colorful patterned kitchen aprons and tie them around each chair to create customized chair covers!


For the main centerpiece, take vintage teacups in any size, shape or pattern and simply glue them on top each other using a glue gun. You can make the centerpiece as tall or short as you would like, just make sure it’s sturdy, so that it does not topple over! To top off the teacup centerpiece add a ball of pretty pink garden roses and a single white butterfly.

On each side of the teacup centerpiece add small glass bud vases with seasonal garden flowers. To add an extra eclectic flair, find ceramic pots with a floral design and top them off with basic moss balls, which can be reused for future parties. Moss balls will save you time since you won’t to arrange flowers! The moss balls also serve as décor in your home after the event!

Table Settings:

Any vintage patterned dinnerware will suffice! It does not need to match the table linens or the aprons perfectly. Look at our table! We used over four different patterns but opted to keep the colors of the dinnerware and centerpieces in the same pink palette. Feel free to use anything from your grandmother’s old china, patterned melamine plates or even floral paper plates. It all depends on the time and the mood of the event.

Each guest received their own hot pink galvanized watering at their place setting, filled with ice and small bright blue bottles of champagne. This allowed guests to keep their champagne chilled on the hot summer day and also served as a party favor!


Paper Candy:

Personalized monogrammed tea bags with each guest’s initials on them were strategically placed at each setting in the teacups. This is a creative way to add a customized touch to the event while doubling as a place card. We also added a whimsical “Alice in Wonderland” flair to the table by placing playful blue and white menus to the side of each plate. Please see our paper candy section to purchase semi-custom menus and monograms similar to these

For this whimsical table we wanted to mesh the feeling of a sophisticated High Tea with a play off of the psychedelic era of Alice in Wonderland. By slyly incorporating the Cheshire Cat’s tail and blending ultra feminine and groovy fonts we married the two together to form a scrumptious blend of wonder!

For an extra special and personalized place card we made custom monogrammed tea bag tags for each of the guests! They were definitely impressed.


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:14 pm
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