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DIY Decor: Retro Citrus


Event Design and Description by Lollipop Events and Designs, Photography by Cary Pennington

Wow your guests with a citrus splash twist! Turn your Sunday lunch into a Sundae brunch. Have fun in the sun! Gab & grub with the gals with this super retro Brady Bunch inspired dessert table design. Bridal shower, baby shower or just because…. this colorful palette is sure to pop!


Add a bit of bright sparkling sunshine to your fete by starting with a table runner made from exquisite floral wrapping paper. To line the paper, we glued a neon orange felt ribbon to polish off the look, giving it the appearance of a fabric table runner. Use any color of ribbon or size to create a different effect on the table.


Next, we used bright green modern ceramic vases and placed them in a straight line in the center of the table. We then placed a single white bunch of hydrangeas in each vase. This was an easy touch as there was no arranging required.

To add fun details, place a bright high gloss citrus style plate at the end of the table and layer it with candy and jars of sugar sprinkles. Next, add a case of orange sparkling fruit juice or soda in the same citrus colored palette.

Paper Candy:

This was a fun filled self-serve ice cream sundae buffet required no menus! Stuffy and cliché bridal showers need not apply! What goes better with a super sweet sundae bridal shower than the classic tell all game of M.A.S.H.! Remember the MASH, Mansion-Apartment-Shack-House, game you played as a small child that predicted what your life would be like when you grew up? It’s a fun and easy game that will bring up hilarious memories for your guests. Just fill in 5 choices for each category. Then find out whom each guest will marry, drive, and live with! Make sure that each MASH card is paired with a traditional schoolhouse pencil to bring even more nostalgic memories back! Please see our paper candy section to purchase semi-custom menus similar to these.


Stuffy and cliché bridal showers need not apply! What goes better with a super sweet sundae bridal shower then the classic tell all game of M.A.S.H.! Maybe those unwed guests got a good glimpse of their fun to come….



Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:07 pm
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