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DIY Pocketfold Invitation









I wanted a pocketfold invitation but, after making a fabulous prototype I was informed that I needed to make a Chinese version. I didn't like the idea of making two invitations, so I modified my prototype to have two panels instead of one. After a variety of modifications and changes in sizes to avoid paying extra postage or having to order custom envelopes, this was the end result:


The RSVP card: Created in Illustrator and printed on ivory cardstock.

The map: Created in Illustrator and printed on ivory paper. 

The finished product fits into a standard A6 sized envelope and only needs a $.58 stamp. Yay! The burgundy cardstock, ivory linen paper and A6 ivory linen envelopes were purchased from The patterned paper was created by me in Adobe Illustrator from scanning a piece of Chinese brocaded fabric. RSVP cards were printed on ivory cardstock with clear address labels that I used for our return address. 

Last Updated: May 15, 2017 at 9:14 pm
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