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DIY Pocketfold Invitations


Back in May (also known as the last month I had time to breathe) I made my invitations but I never had a chance to share them with y'all so I'm taking the opportunity now!

I created my invites using Envelopments Z-folds that I ordered through 

I highly reccomend Evelopments for your pocketfolds or Z-folds! The quality is amazing and they have much more interesting options than cardsandpockets. I was even able to print my addresses on my metallic envelopes myself with no troule! :):)

Here is the exact supplies I ordered:


  • 5x7 landscape Signature Z-fold in the Graphite Plume pattern

  • 5x7 envelopes in metallic graphite

  • 5x7 envelope liners in metallic rubelite (hot pink)

  • 3 layer invitation mat

    • 5x7 metallic cardstock in Caspian

    • 5x7 cardstock in the Aquamarine Regalia pattern

    • 5x7 linen cardstock in white

  • RSVP

    • 3.5x5 white linen cardstock RSVP

    • 3.5x5 white linen cardstock Map

    • 3.5x5 metallic cardstock backing in Caspian

    • 4x7 envelopes in Caspian

    • 2x17 vellum bellyband in Plume pattern

  • 2x17 metallic paper bellyband in Caspian

  • Taped cardstock seals in white linen

The jeweled buttona we're using are 1 1/8" in diameter and were $1.50 each from

Overall cost came to about $9 an invite after factoring in the paper cutter, ribbon and glue rollers we had to buy. Our budget was $500 and we stayed well within it!

This is what my photoshop mockup looked like before I ever ordered any paper just to make sure I liked the style:

I changed it up a bit when the actual supplies came in, and this is what the final invites looked like:

Sorry I'm not a better photographer!

These are the digital files of the invitation and RSVP mats as well as the monogram we used for the seal on the bellybands we wrapped around the invites. I don't have any pics of the bellybands and didn't feel like making one just for the picture, but I used metallic blue for the band and just the white sticker seals for the monogram.

I was so proud of how they turned out! I felt like they sent the message to our guests that this wedding was going to be a bit different than what they're used to seeing and everyone really enjoyed them. Hurray!



Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:32 pm
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