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DIY Save the Date Cards


We bought red cardstock from Michaels and printed them on a laser printer (here it is pictured on our fridge) They did their job - gave our guests our wedding date, where it was going to be, etc. The back contained hotel information. We sent out 350 Save the Dates. Cost (paper, labels, envelopes) = $64.00

P.S. If you need to cut paper for your STDS, invites, or anything else, SKIP THE PAPER CUTTER! You can go to Kinko’s and there is a GREAT machine that does all the cutting for you (it doesn’t matter how thick your stack). Each cut is around $1.50! We did this for our Save the Date cards (each 8x10 piece of paper was cut three times) and they also cut our menus for us (each 8 X 10 piece of paper was cut twice). I fell in love with Kinko’s after they cut my Save the Dates and menus!


Last Updated: September 13, 2008 at 12:18 am
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