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Do It Yourself: Barnyard Chic


Event Design and Description by Alchemy Fine Events and Canvas and Canopy Events by Cortnie, Photography by Cary Pennington

This rustic barnyard setting is the ultimate crafty country-chic! A canopy made from birch branches had white muslin fabric draping down to the table, while creative elements such as foam balls strategically covered in yarn, replaced the typical flowers. White grosgrain ribbon covered in buttons dangled from the centerpieces, small bud vases topped with smaller yarn balls were filled with small cream and pearl vintage buttons. Each guest received custom crafty favors and mason jars accented with bright tangerine colored straws that had “Sip with Love” tags attached. Accents of yarn, thread, buttons and a faux wood grain table linen prove that everyday elements can also be elegant!


We first started with the canopy to customize and contain the space. It was the perfect finishing touch to complete our rustic romantic feel. To create the canopy we simply took four galvanized buckets and filled them with cement. We then placed four large birch branches in each one and let the cement dry. Next, we screwed in the remaining branches to create the ceiling of the canopy and then simply draped the white muslin fabric over the top and one side of the canopy.

We covered the table in a bright faux wood grain fabric to incorporate the wood from the birch branches. We opted to make the runner the exact width of the table, as we loved the pattern so much, and really wanted it to be a main focal point of the table scape.


Create a crafty and creative look on the table while saving money on floral arrangements at the same time! To do this cover foam balls in various sizes with yarn to replace standard floral arrangements. Simply use a glue gun to wrap each piece of yarn strategically around the foam and use different colors and textures of yarn to add interest to the faux arrangements.

Next, hot glue gun large round buttons onto thick grosgrain ribbon and attach them to the large foam balls with straight pins and set them onto tall glass vases.

Fill mini bud vases with buttons in all shapes and sizes and top them with the smaller yarn balls. Finally, we filled two ceramic bird vases with flowers to add another layer of texture and elegance to the table.

Table Settings:

Because of all of the colors, textures and patterns on the table we opted for simple white ceramic plates. We used plastic tableware to add to the quirky vibe but feel free to use dressier silverware depending on the style of the event. We wrapped our linen napkins with a fabric belly- band in an alternate coordinating pattern and finished it off with a button and yarn detail. Simply string yarn through both holes of the button, and tie it in the back for the same effect.

Each guest drank old-fashioned lemonade out of mason jars that were accented with tangerine colored straws. We glued tags to the straws that resembled flags and said “Sip with Love”. An alternative would be to put the names of the guests on each tag, which would also serve as name cards.

Simple white favor boxes were also adorned with fabric, buttons and yarn. We cut a piece of fabric into a circle, cut a piece of yarn, covered a large button with the fabric, twisted the fabric to give it a fan-affect, then tied the ribbon tightly around the back of the button. We then spread fabric under the face of the button, to give it a flower-like affect. Once you have this completed, glue a smaller sized white button onto the middle of the larger button. Next, use a glue gun and glue the designed button directly onto the box. For the finishing affect, simply wrap the white yarn around the white favor box in multiple layers to give it a crafty look. Your guests won’t want to open the favor they’ll be so impressed with your wrapping!

Last Updated: September 23, 2014 at 6:46 pm
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