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Do-It-Yourself Decor: Nantucket Nautical


Event Design and Description by Lollipop Events and Designs, Photography by Cary Pennington

Create a feast of fireworks! Transport your guests to the eastern shores for this Nantucket style clambake where sea foam and cherry colored beachy décor set the tone for this laid back nautical event. Think cable knit, Kennedy’s and Coca-Cola Classics for this Americana inspired motif. Glossy red willow branches play dress up as red coral for the evening and bring the event to dramatic new heights.



This patriotic palette started with a basic white linen. We jazzed up the linen by throwing a bright red overlay over the table at an angle. Anything from a plain red textured linen to a red and white checkered table cloth, will give the table a Nantucket feel.


We took two basic cylinder glass vases of the same width and height. Any size will do depending on the drama that you would like to create in the center of the table. Overturn one of the glass cylinders so that is upside down on the table, then take the other cylinder vase and place it right side up on top of the first vase. To ensure that they do not fall down use a glue gun to place a few small drops of glue on the bottom of each vase, you will be able to scrape the glue pieces off after your party. Next, wrap decorative wrapping paper around the center of where the two vases meet. Embellish the vases with decorative ribbon to customize and finish off the look. We used plain red ribbon and then layered a thinner white ribbon on top of it. Finally, take willow branches and spray paint them in a high gloss white or red and place them in the vase. They will have a floating affect due to the overturned vases that you created.

To balance the large centerpiece, take small bud vases in any size or shape. Embellish them with the same ribbon used on the main centerpiece to tie the table together. Fill them with any flower from inexpensive red carnations to bright red peonies.


Table Settings:

Any plain white dinnerware will do, just play around with the shapes and textures. We used plain white plates with square bowls, and textured white milk glass stemware. Incorporating tableware in creative ways will create that extra panache and interest on the table. We used basic cornhusk holders to serve as containers for our silverware instead of using them to hold the corn as they were intended.

For the linen napkins we found fabric of the same color palette but with a different pattern to create extra drama and punch on the table. We then took the same red and white layered ribbon from the centerpiece and bud vases to tie around each napkin, blending together every detail of the decor. To top it off we bought sea fans and spray painted them white to add extra texture and a nautical feel to the table settings.


Event Décor:

Set up a small table on the side and line it with rows of retro popcorn containers filled with freshly popped popcorn. Make sure to have enough for each guest. This is a quick and easy snack! You can also purchase nautical themed cookies so that your table is filled with both salty and sweet treats that your guests can munch on. To add an extra touch we took a basic white ceramic container and filled it with vintage coke bottles. Next we took decorative wrapping paper and a wooden dowel to create a sail that we glued to the inside of the container to create our own customized drink holder/sailboat!

Paper Candy:

We printed a Nantucket themed feast on a simple white lunch bag and placed one at each table setting. We just simply opened up the lunch bag so that it would stand up in front of each place setting. We hole punched it at the top and tied red ribbon through the holes. This is a simple and creative way to provide an easy to read menu for your guests. Next, we used basic picture frame holders to display the table numbers. We chose clear acrylic holders so that we would be able to re-use them for any style of table in the future. Please see our paper candy section to purchase semi-custom menus and table numbers similar to these.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:15 am
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