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Do-It-Yourself Decor: Palm Springs Deco


Event Design and Description by Lollipop Events and Designs, Photography by Cary Pennington

Sunny days under the palms transform your party into a modern deco event! Bright colors of yellow, black, and white give your table a contemporary look that could work for any event, from a cocktail party to wedding reception! This bold table combines the glamorous illusions of mirrors, to the enchanting touch of the daisy flower balls, for an stimulating effect!



Start by simply throwing a standard white table cloth onto your table. Then, to add the bold stripes of this contemporary look, find a table runner that is brilliant with colors! We used black and white for this look, but get creative and use the colors that inspire you! To add the bright sunny Palm Springs feel to our décor, we added a small table runner made out of wrapping paper on top of the striped table runner, to give a pop and layering affect to this modern look. To line the paper, we glued on black velvet ribbon to finish off the look, giving it the appearance of a fabric table runner. Use any color of ribbon or size to create a different effect on the table.



Can you see me? Mirrors are the inspiration! From the mirror candlestick holders to the placemats, your guests will see themselves from every angle! Simply get three mirror candlesticks, one higher than the other two for a main centerpiece. To play with the illusions of the mirrors, top off the candlesticks with a ball of dainty daisies, incorporating the colors of yellow and white!

On each side of the mirror candlesticks add a playful modern ceramic animal, giving the table a bold geometric pattern look. From a horse to a geometric shape, be creative with this simplified ceramic form, to create look you want for your fete!

Next, add four square small black vases, two on each side of the ceramic shape, to integrate the bold modern look, while tying together the black stripes of the table runner. Simply add white roses into the vases, arranging the roses so that the buds are perfectly above the rim of the square vase, giving it a full bodied affect.


Table Settings:

Sophistication, elegance and glamour were the inspiration for this table setting! The mirror placemats are the epitome of elegance! You can find simple circle or square mirrors at your local craft store. We then placed classic patterned platinum-lined china onto the mirror to transform this table setting from ordinary to extraordinary! If you don’t have this china, simply use all-white fine dinnerware to give your table the same look.

For the napkins, simply find a pattern that offsets the bold strips of the black and white table runner to mix & match the patterns. We then used the same wrapping paper and velvet ribbon of the small table runner to make stylish bellybands, linking together the sunny bold yellow color of the deco look with the glitzy facade of the mirrors. You can place the napkins in any position you’d like! Play with them to see what fits your table! We positioned ours hanging down, springing color onto the white table cloth. To finish this table off, put your baking apron on! We had cupcakes made with yellow and black dots to add a sweet taste to our modern look!


Paper Candy:

For this super stylish table featuring bold colors, patterns and centerpieces we wanted to remind the guests the goal of the night… to have fun! We played with them a bit by making them find their own dinner! Menu items were hid in the word jumble for the hungry guests to find. Little yellow golf pencils could not have matched more perfectly! Please see our paper candy section to purchase semi-custom menus similar to these.


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:35 pm
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