Hawaiian Bridal Shower



Decorate the table with hawaiian prints. Most of these supplies were purchased at a local party supply store! The orchids were bought from a local grocery store.




I bought clear take-out boxes from Target, a thank you card set which I cut up to make 'tags' (and it also had stickers that I conveniently put on the front), and filled them with Trident tropical fruit gum and candy I bought from Hilo Hattie. Also, because of my personalized fruit candy tins snafu (I never received them), I printed out labels to stick on the back of the 'thank you' tags.




Island Treasures Memory Game! I placed 17 Hawaiian-related items on a tray, gave everyone 1.5 minutes to study the tray, and then 1.5 minutes to remember everything on the tray. Each item is worth 1 point, and the person with the most points wins. 


Pin-the-Coconut on the Tree! I bought a 6 ft. jointed cut out palm tree from Party America and cut out "coconuts" from construction paper. I wrote everyone's name on them so we would be able to tell apart who's coconut was whose, and I also added some slipper stickers on them. 


The end result of the game


Hawaiian Pictionary! I came up with about 25 different Hawaii-related clues, split everyone into two teams, and each team had 2 minutes to draw and guess (but that proved to be too long! We ended up having people try to draw 2 clues in 1 minute). 


Link it to the ceremony

And finally, the bride-to-be with her bouquet of tissue paper and bows that will be used during her rehearsal. The bouquet was made from wrapping paper from all the bridal shower gifts!


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